14 Oct 20 “Re-imagining” Policing! “‘It was a mistake,’ you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you.” David Levithan NYPD’s “Chief” has officially caved-in, on behalf of his entire Department (the formally world-renowned NYPD), to the latest, futile attempt to appease hectoring harpies of the left who are encouraged and enabled by the mayor! At this juncture, the future of the NYPD, and NYC, is bleak! NYC’s mayor, along with NY’s governor, have directed the NYPD to create a committee to “re-imagine city policing after civil unrest” (whatever that is supposed to mean) There are some hints: Says the chief, “How do we make policing more equitable, fair, without sacrificing public safety?” We all know the answer: Public safety is to be forgotten entirely! In fact, from the exponentially-increasing level of violent crime in NYC now, it is obvious that it already has been forgotten! Wishful thinking continues: “Every New Yorker should feel confident that they can move about New York City with the assurance that our police officers are concerned with protecting them” Complete rubbish! Every New Yorker is currently frightened to death to “move about” anywhere in NYC! Police officers may be concerned, but they’ve been prohibited from doing anything! NYPD’s best officers are all resigning as fast as they can, because they know the mayor and most of the city council hates them all. Currently, the Department is cripplingly understaffed, feeble, fatally disheartened. Violent criminals have little to fear in NYC, less with each passing day! New Yorkers (the remaining few who have not permanently exited already) can look forward to general bedlam, ecumenical squalor, even higher taxes and fees, scant protection, no opportunity to protect themselves. “Re-imagine” that! /John