12 Apr 19

New Zealand

As NZ’s Parliament rushes through a nation-wide ban (for everyone but themselves) on an across-the-board (and ever-expanding) list of semi-automatic firearms and normal-capacity magazines, all in the wake of last month’s Mosque shooting in Christchurch, it is now being revealed that the involuntary “Buy-Back Program,” included in this legislation, will include “caps” on compensation!

Individual gun owners will be paid only so much, no matter how much of their formally-legally-owned property is forcibly confiscated.

Gun retailers will not be compensated for lost business.

Additional bans, on what few guns remain off “the List,” are already being planned

“Pure motives” of the leftist politicians in NZ are not pure, after all!

Their intent is not merely to ban private ownership of guns, but also to beat-down, impoverish, and otherwise punish gun-owners, retailers, and the entire firearm industry for having had the audacity to include firearms in their personal lives,

but we are slated for punishment most of all because we fail to support socialism and socialist politicians!

What is happening in NZ in April of 2019 is a stark representation of what will surely unfold in the USA when Democrat/socialists take control!

They demand that they alone have guns.

They demand for themselves complete exemption from their own laws (a socialist trademark)!

Doubt that at your peril!

You’ll notice none among NZ’s socialist politicians are volunteering to surrender their own guns, nor guns toted by their heavily-armed bodyguards!