19 Nov 99

Some follow-up from friends on after-market gun parts, particularly those made of titanium:

“The whole idea of a titanium striker, supposedly to shorten lock time and thus improve accuracy, is fantasy anyway. Lock time might be of some consequence to a benchrest rifle shooter, but not to a defensive handgun shooter.

If these people spent the same time and money on practice ammunition or on shooting instruction that they spend on titanium firing pins, extended slide stop levers, weighted magazine floorplates, and similar rubbish, they’d be far better off.”

“The salient features of titanium are:

It weighs slightly less than steel.
It is slightly stronger than aluminum.
It retains its strength at very high temperatures, 900 degrees and above.

Thus, the ‘benefit’ of any titanium gun part that is not enhanced by at least two of those features is little more than wishful thinking.”