27 Nov 21
“Flash Mobs”
Well-organized looting-attacks on retail stores, sometimes entire shopping districts, are now common in CA, OR, and WA, particularly in LA, SF, Portland, and Seattle, as these metro areas are controlled by pro-criminal/anti-business Democrat/Marxists.
“Flash-mobs,” as they are called, operate freely in these leftist-controlled areas, as looters have no concern over police interference, nor are they worried about being prosecuted by pro-criminal prosecutors.
They clean-out entire stores, as hapless store-owners, along with police, look-on and do nothing!
Becoming ever more bold, flash-mobs are now detaining and shaking-down customers and employees, stealing wallets, jewelry, etc, roughing-up those who resist!
Get-away vehicles are standing-by to whisk-away mobsters as they exit the store with their stolen goods.
Finding no relief from Democrat politicians, retail stores at first hire “security guards,” who are about as helpful as police. Then, they restrict hours of operation. Prices go up as margins go down! Finally, they close their doors and go out of business.
Practitioners of free enterprise don’t stick around where they are detested and abused by politicians and criminals alike!
Leftists, in and out of politics, promote and encourage such lawlessness. They don’t believe property rights exist, and they don’t believe in free enterprise. They lust after chaos, anarchy, and squalor, and their wish is bring granted!
I can’t imagine what naive dupes who vote for Marxists expect, and I can’t imagine why they’re “surprised” when the foregoing develops and metastasizes like cancer!
When in a store being raided by a flash-mob, best advice is to get out and away, any way you can, and as fast as you can!
The situation will grow much worse in the coming months!

“I could not dig: I dared not rob:
Therefore, I lied to please the mob.”

From “A Dead Statesman,” by Rudyard Kiping