3 Dec 13

Stalin, and his successors, routinely declared political opponents, even
mild critics, “mentally ill,” and subsequently disenfranchised them,
eventually forcing them into gulags (masquerading as “mental hospitals”) Most
were never seen again, their “mental illness” being apparently “incurable!”
An army of psychologists was recruited, and terrorized into endorsing the
Administration’s sinister plans for these individuals.

Modern-day leftists, currently in charge here, are now moving in the same
direction. None of us should be surprised. They’ve already shown they are
perfectly willing to terrorize IRS agents into punishing political
opponents. “Scientists” are next!

When perfectly conventional behavior is suddenly redefined by a ruthless
special-interest group that has seized political power, as being “abnormal”,
that group can then label otherwise normal, healthy people as “… in need
of treatment.”

For example, with their vile anti-gun agenda, leftists say that those who
want to own (much less carry) a defensive gun are, without exception, ”
delusional.” Since delusional behavior is defined as “mental illness,” that
person is now deemed to be suffering from a mental disorder, and can thus
have his carry-permit arbitrarily revoked, and all his guns seized, all
without a hint of due process. Forced incarceration and involuntary “treatment”
(USSR style) will surely follow! And of course, again USSR style, no
questions are ever allowed.


How many leftists do you know who sincerely believe Christians,
conservatives, gun-owners, meat-eaters, hunters, and anyone else who even hesitates
to go along (always without question) with leftist agenda are “crazy” and
thus in serious need of “mental treatment?” They’ve probably looked
askance at you more than once for even daring to question leftist dogma.

Currently in NY, any person can be arbitrarily declared “mentally ill,”
can then be capriciously stripped of gun rights, have all his guns seized,
all without due process. This is going on today, in a liberal “utopia!”

According to DSM5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders),
worshiped by many psychologists, those who work-out daily, or shoot
regularly, may suffer from “behavioral addiction,” a whole new “mental illness!”

How easy it has become for politicians to secretly arrange for an
unfavorable “diagnoses” of an otherwise mentally healthy person, but one who
criticizes said politician once too often!

Can’t happen here? It is happening!

It is error only, never truth, that shrinks from inquiry.

Thomas Paine