30 Nov 19

“In modern political science, there is no universally-accepted definition of the term, ‘government,’ nor has there ever been one!”


London Bridge, Again!

On 3 June 2017, Islamic terrorists first ran down hapless pedestrians in a busy part of London (London Bridge). Then, armed with knives, they exited their van, slashing, stabbing, and kicking the injured who were trying to limp and crawl away! Terrorists subsequently entered adjacent restaurants and attacked anyone they could.

Seven innocent British citizens wantonly murdered that day, seven times that number injured.

Three Islamic terrorists where ultimately shot to death by police. They were wearing explosive “suicide belts,” which were eventually determined to be fake.

The foregoing occurred two and a half years ago.

Yesterday, in the exact same place, a single Islamic terrorist (recently convicted of terrorist activity, but released early from prison, and wearing an ankle bracelet) precipitously attacked, with knives, hapless attendees of a Cambridge-University-sponsored prisoner rehabilitation conference, entitled “Learning Together,” at the north end of London Bridge.

You can’t make this stuff up!

To their credit, armed police showed-up within a few minutes, and quickly took care of business!

Terrorist was DRT.

Like terrorists in the 2017 incident, he was wearing what was designed to look like an explosive vest.
It turned out to be fake, but no one else knew that at the time!

Sadly, in the interim two innocent British citizens were murdered, several more critically injured.

Several audacious bystanders, also to their credit, corralled the suspect prior to the arrival of police.

One bystander commandeered a nearby narwhal tusk to aid him in the task!

My comments:

1. In 2019, a good and decent, law-abiding British subject of Her Majesty, with no criminal record of any kind, cannot acquire a license to even possess, much less carry, any species of firearm.

In fact, British subjects cannot even own so much as a Swiss Army Knife!

And yet, a convicted Islamic terrorist, duly investigated, arrested, tried, and found guilty in a court of law of multiple terrorist-related offenses can acquire a “licence” (British spelling) to walk right out of one of Her Majesty’s prisons, and then, to the surprise of no one, re-offend with scant delay!

2. This terrorist was wearing an ankle-bracelet-monitor when he committed murder on London Bridge, and was likely simultaneously within the view of several CCTV cameras.

Neither the bracelet, nor the cameras, made any of the victims one bit safer!

3. Will liberal politicians now reconsider easing UK’s gun laws and other laws that essentially make any act of self-defense by a British subject a crime?

Not a chance!

What they doubtless will do is immediately place new restrictions on narwhal tusks!

Simultaneously, but oh-so quietly, these nauseating hypocrites will apprehensively bolster their own heavily-armed bodyguard staffs!

4. This morning, I patiently listened to a gaggle of “expert” commentators talk about personal security, here and there. They droned-on ad-nauseam about running and hiding and never taking any definitive action, the usual liberal drivel!

The “elephant in the room” is that virtually all of Western Europe, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand categorically prohibit the carrying of defensive firearms by subjects/citizens.

Not the slightest mention of the many cases where armed American citizens have taken-down terrorists, and assorted other violent criminals.

These pathetic frauds refuse to even entertain the subject!

5. Who have grown weary of listening to these leftist clowns, know and understand that, in our current “Age of Terrorism,” the sage go armed!

The sage are well trained, well armed, and we are not content to be “good little victims,” as liberals insist.

“The first right of every human being is the right of self-defense. Without that right, all others are meaningless.

The right of self-defense is not something government ‘bestows’ upon citizens. It is a preexisting, inalienable, individual right, older than the Constitution itself.

It existed prior to all governments, and prior to the social contract of our Constitution.”

Larry Craig