1 Apr 2020

Legal Gun Ownership in Brazil

Without fail, Marxists when they get into political office, immediately make the process of legally acquiring a gun all but impossible for citizens.

They invariably accomplish this goal by assigning it to lethargic, bloated bureaucracies who garnish the process with hyper-voluminous “regulations” involving endless delays, vague criteria, expensive fees, interminable inconveniences, licenses, permits, and never-ending reams of confusing, self-contradictory, incomprehensible ordinances, rules, and ever-changing decrees.

They deliberately design the process to be altogether hopeless. That, of course, is the idea!

Simultaneously, they quietly exempt themselves from all their own regulations!

The foregoing scenario is unfailingly subscribed to by hypocritical leftists, no matter where they are.

Brazil’s current president, Jair Bolsonaro, has begun to cut through all that!

“The right to legitimate self‑defense cannot continue to be violated,” said he.

He added, “With disarmament laws, who gives up access to firearms? Is it decent citizens, who only want to protect themselves, or criminals who don’t follow laws?”

A sympathetic senator echoed, “The right to defend his own life is a legitimate right of Brazilian citizens, and is non-negotiable for us!”

Bolsonaro is making it at least reasonably possible for good and decent people to legally own guns, and leftists (here and there) are predictably going berserk!

Before he took office, gang members openly carried illegal guns in metro areas.

“All good‑for‑nothings are armed. Only decent citizens are not,” said Bolsonaro, and it struck a resonant chord with Brazil’s citizenry!

Leftists are hysterically predicting “blood in the street.” They always do, and when it doesn’t happen, they contract amnesia!

Good people don’t commit crimes, with or without guns!

Violent criminals do, and illegal guns are widely available!

Leftist politicians (here and there) always take the side of criminals!

They say “More guns mean more deaths,” but curiously the only deaths they ever lament are deaths of violent criminals who are shot while in the process of committing violent crimes.

They also say that citizens don’t want to be armed.

That’s really curious, since during Bolsonaro’s first year in office, gun licenses have surged by nearly one-hundred percent.

A lot of those citizens must have suddenly changed their minds, eh?