24 Feb 19
“A King, by disallowing Acts of this salutary nature, from being the father of his people, degenerated into a Tyrant and thus forfeits all rights to his subjects’ obedience.”

Patrick Henry, 1777

Yesterday’s issue of the Washington Post listed the Post’s pick of the top fifteen Democrat candidates for our 2020 presidential election. More are joining the race almost daily, but these fifteen represent “front-runners,” on the Democrat side, at least according to Post’s editors.

As one scrolls down through this list, a solitary fact immediately jumps out:

Every single one is venomously anti-gun and anti Second Amendment. Without exception, each caustically loathes private gun-ownership by US citizens, and each hates, with a rabid mania, American gun owners, both for what we believe, and for the individual freedom and liberty we so audaciously represent!

What will surely happen, absolutely without fail, when any one of these Democrat/Socialists/Marxists takes the White House, and when Democrat/Socialists/Marxists end-up in control of Congress?

Gun bans, magazine bans, ammunition bans, mandatory gun confiscation will be passed without delay, and promptly signed into federal law. Our Second Amendment will likely be repealed outright, and scrapped altogether.

Within four years, all privately-owned guns in the USA will be confiscated and destroyed. Hold-outs will be rounded-up and herded into “re-education programs” (gulags).

Will our Supreme Court protect us from this unconstitutional repugnance?

They seldom have in the past, and even when they bravely attempt to, liberal/Marxist lower-court judges, along with liberal/Marxist legislators, contemptuously ignore them, much as they’re doing right now with so-called “landmark” Heller, McDonald, and Caetano Decisions.

Our so-called “Supreme Court” may as well have remained silent!

In short, there is no protection from these Marxist-tyrant-wannabes!

Even now, Democrats are openly promoting voter-fraud and openly encouraging hoards of illegal immigrants, whose illegal votes they can control, to enter our Country illegally. Not surprisingly, they’re vigorously fighting all forms of border control.

In addition, they’re simultaneously destroying our Electoral College, so that their opponents’s votes will be completely irrelevant in future elections.

Hoards of illegals are being concentrated in rotting, squalorous metro areas (like SF, LA, Chicago) and maintained in continuously poverty and dependency.

In future elections, suburban and rural areas will be utterly unrepresented.

Squalor and poverty will thus become ecumenical, making organized resistance impossible, while Marxists and their commissars rule in unapologetic luxury, privilege, and splendor.

That is their stock MO, has been since 1917, and their take-over will be, as it always is, one-way!

In addition to eliminating our Second Amendment, Democrat/Marxists will immediately go to work on our First and Fourth!

“Hate speech” will be expanded to indict any who will dare to speak-out against them. All political “debate” will thus come to an end!

Their nationalized thugs will spread-out and kick-in doors without warning nor warrants, looking for “anti-revolutionary propaganda.”

And, they’ll oh-so sanctimoniously, cynically insist they’re doing it all “for the children,” much as they do now!

We students of American history know and understand “gun-control” was the spark that started the entire American Revolutionary War!

Those pitiable, embattled farmers who bravely, audaciously blocked the bridge at Lexington and Concord in 1775 are our magnificent ancestors!

They blocked that bridge, because British regular troops were coming to forcibly confiscate their privately-owned flintlock rifles (the “assault weapon” of the era), and they knew it!

How far we’ve come in 243 years!

King George III is back, banging on our very door.

He wants us to let him back in.

In fact, he is insisting on it!