1 June 08

A friend with a major pistol manufacturer tells me that they use 155gr 40S&W ammunition for testing durability in their line of 40S&W pistols. Design engineers have nicknamed the 155gr round, the “Gun-Breaker,” identifying it as the one round that produces most wear and tear on pistols chambered for that caliber.

Of course, I personally carry Cor-Bon 140gr DPX in my SA/XD. It is my preferred, carry load, and I just ran several hundred rounds of it through my XD during the recently-completed NTI. If anything, it inflicts even more wear and tear on pistols than does Cor-Bon’s conventional 155gr lead/brass HP round .

My XD had no issue with it. Neither has my Beretta PX4 Storm, S&W M&P, SIG229, nor my G23. It may well shorten the lives of all of theses pistols, as my friend indicated, but I am determined to carry the most effective ammunition I can, and, when my pistol eventually breaks, I’ll get it fixed or replace it.

This is America. They’ll make more! As Operators, in our enthusiasm for training, we should be running our equipment to the point of ruin anyway.



2 June 08

LaserMax Battery Life. This info from friends at LaserMax:

“Battery life in our sights is nominally ninety minutes of continuous use. However, our silver-oxide batteries actually recharge when not in use, so, in normal employment, the unit will render good service for several years. To play it safe, we recommend batteries be replaced once a year.

Batteries can be purchased in drugstores, Radio-Shack, Wal-Mart, et al. In addition, we sell them, shrink-wrapped, for convenience.”

Comment: My LaserMax (on my SA/XD 40S&W) has seen heavy use the past few months and continues to function normally. However, the lens is right under the muzzle and thus gets coated with soot during heavy firing. I noticed that the unit was dimming several weeks ago and, at first, thought it was a battery issue. However, after wiping off the lens with a handkerchief, full brightness was restored!



3 June 08

The enforced demise of the UK’s gun/weapon culture, engineered by paranoid politicians, has resulted in a never-ending epidemic of UDs among incompetently-trained British police:

A British newspaper has pointed out in a recent editorial that the “select few” British police officers who are actually armed, fire their weapons far more by accident than they ever have on purpose! UDs (even the few that are actually reported, because there are too many witnesses for them to be covered up) are rampant, and extremely embarrassing within all of the UK’s police services, particularly in light of arrogant, and manifestly dishonest, proclamations that “training” provided to officers is “the best available.”

The unhappy truth is, in the UK, the blind are leading the blind, as even the blind can plainly see!

Chronically UD-prone officers are routinely treated by police administrations the same way pedophile-priests are treated by the Catholic Church. “Solutions” to the problem range from (1) promotion, to (2) lateral transfer, to (3) comfortable retirement. Guilty parties are, of course, never remediated, much less disciplined, as such a thing would embarrass incompetent police administrators and vainglorious politicians.

Thus, the “solution” virtually guarantees that the problem will never be meliorated. More to the point, it guarantees the UK’s veritable army of “short-men-in-cheap-suits” will all keep their pathetic, but cushy, jobs!

Also curious is the fact that UDs among the precious-few non-police Brits who actually own guns legally is always identified as a “crime,” and the hapless gun-owner is viciously denigrated, vilified, stripped of his rights, and prosecuted. Simultaneously, the same UDs, when committed by police officers, are always called “mistakes,” and the officer involved is predictably the next chief of police!



3 June 08

I talked with a uniformed, “armed” bank-guard today. He was not one of our students, but I noticed he was “armed” with a 22-rimfire, autoloading, target pistol! It was sitting, unsecured, in a chintzy, chicken-hide, belt holster, and I asked him if it had been issued to him by his employer.

When you see private, security guards armed with this kind of cheap junk, it is usually because that is all they can afford, but not in this case! He, with a straight-face, indicated that the 22 was his personal choice. He indicated that his reasons were:

(1) The clerk at the gunshop where he bought it told him it was extremely accurate and thus perfect for self-defense, and “That guy must know what he’s talking about.”

(2) “I’ve shot larger calibers a few times, but I can’t hit anything!”

(3) “It will only take one shot.” at which point he placed his index finger on his own forehead.

He then volunteered that he keeps a charged magazine in the pistol, but does not keep a round in the chamber

I asked him if his boss, or his client (the bank), knew he was carrying a rimfire pistol for ostensibly serious purposes. He indicated both thought it was “okay.”

In as understanding a way as I could, I told him he had been given bad advice, that his life was at great risk, along with the lives of bank customers and employees, and that he needed to get himself a serious gun, serious training, and look for another employer!

It’s obvious that neither the owner of this security company, nor the bank they have as a client, could possibly care less about the safety of this young lad, nor the safety of anyone else in the bank.

Imagine that!

As this episode illustrates, the level of ignorance among the general population on this subject is astounding.

Since the FBI has devoted itself to terrorism prevention, domestic bank robberies are way up. We are in for exciting times! There will only be “the quick and the dead.”

Once again, we’re all on our own! It can’t be said too often. With ‘protectors” like these, we don’t need enemies!



4 June 08

This note from my good friend Marc Galli, general manager at DSA in IL:

“Jesse Jackson, accompanied by his customary, bussed-in entourage, is planning a return visit to demonstrate against DSA on Saturday, 14 June 08

Mr Jackson protested us once before, in 2007. That affair was a dud, garnering only luke-warm media attention. Jackson’s mumbled “message” was, as usual, ambiguous, self-contradictory, and largely irrelevant. Even the few media people there had great difficulty translating/deciphering it.

Rather than addressing real issues, Mr Jackson predictably reverted exclusively to flippant sound-bites and standard, Marxist boiler-plate. No wonder his “message” was greeted with the collective yawns of the public and the media alike! This time, we have no reason to believe it will be any different.

On 14 June 08, we ask anyone who is able to join us at our Lake Barrington, IL facility to show support for DSA, the American Firearms Industry, and the individual right to keep and bear arms, soon to be confirmed by the Supreme Court. We ask that all dress appropriately, and present themselves like professionals.

Many thanks for your support.”

Comment: DSA’s wonderful rifles are in the capable hands of police officers throughout the world. I have several copies, and they are gems! DSA is a proud, accomplished, American gunmaker, and we all want them to be widely successful!

The “right to be heard,” does not necessarily imply the “right to be taken seriously!”



4 June 08

Excellent summary, from an friend and instructor:

“Your last two posts on the clueless bank guard and the UK Police ND ‘problem’ are just symptoms of a bigger, societal disease. It is rampant at all levels of government, and in most large businesses.

The disease is IBC (Ignorance, by Choice). And, IBC always leads, by a short route, to incompetence.

Many bureaucrats, public and private, are, by the nature of the job, intellectually indolent. They really don’t want to know their work, their Art, their craft, their Calling, anything! They are not the least bit interested in the way funds are spent, since it is not theirs anyway. They would rather just throw money at a problem until symptoms are sufficiently masked, and there is no shortage of ‘experts’ who are only too anxious to grovel for it. These vendors have every confidence that no one will ever be held accountable for the quality of their work, so long as they fill out all the forms and attach a sufficiently impressive poundage of ‘supporting documents,’ that, of course, no one will ever even look at, much less actually read.

Any learning worth the title is simultaneously (1) dangerous and (2) painful. There is no learning without pain and risk. True enlightenment is always a high-effort, high-risk, comfortless process, a struggle filled with failure and small steps of success. It’s just plain work.

Most make endless excuses in an effort to avoid all such exertion and commitment. Dedicated to nothing, in effect, they desire never to rise above ignorance/incompetence, and, in that cheerless pit they’ll remain, so long as IBC is tolerated, indeed rewarded, by our civilization.”

Comment: If striving after personal excellence were profitable, we would all be duteously pursuing sainthood! But, in the real world, where avarice, vanity, cowardice, fraud, duplicity, prevarication, mendacity, even stupidity, benefit one far more than virtue and honor, the worthy among us are called upon to “buck the trend,” even at the risk of becoming a hero!

“Culture is activity of thought, and receptiveness to beauty and human feeling. A merely well-educated person is the most useless bore on God’s earth!”

Alfred Whitehead



9 June 08


The root word of gun-fighting is “fighting,” not “pistol!”

Come and join us as we explore the realities of fighting.

We have developed a new course that will enhance your shooting skills on a live-fire shooting range. We then work on the next level of fighting skills, necessary for you to seize the agenda and emerge victorious!

We will do that by incorporating Air-Soft simulator guns in a variety of exercises, resembling range drills. We then escalate to scenario-based drills designed to test/exercise your decision-making, protective, and fighting skills.

How will you perform in your next lethal encounter?

Come train with us and find out.

These are new classes that fill quickly, so be sure to register early to insure your slot!

We’re scheduled for the weekend of 25-26 Oct 08 in Columbia, SC. Get hold of Rich Wright at labradorone@bellsouth.net For details.



9 June 08

The Amaranthine 9mm:

At several recent Pistol Courses, we’ve had small-statured students, mostly women, show up with little, 40S&W pistols, like the G27, SIG 239, and Kahr/40. All have reported a rapidly-diminishing interest in additional shooting after the two-hundred-round mark!

The 40S&W pistols they brought to our Courses had been provided to them by well-meaning husbands, fathers, brothers, and fiancees. However, sharp recoil (even with “practice” ammunition) combined with loud, concussive muzzle-blast conspired to progressively diminish their enthusiasm for continuing with their training. In one case, my student even developed a blistered palm!

I suggested to all that they abandon their 40S&W pistols and substitute 9mms. Upon taking my advice, most rediscovered their interest in continuing with the Program! Even with the most powerful, high-performance 9mm loadings, recoil is still relatively mild, and noise is greatly reduced. Control of the pistol during recoil is also significantly improved. Particularly popular was S&W’s M&P/Compact 9mm, with the smallest of the three grip-size options.

40S&W and the 357SIG are wonderful calibers, and both represent substantial improvement in terminal performance over the 9mm. However, modern, high-performance loadings currently available for the 9mm surely also qualify it as a “serious” caliber, and I, for one, would have no compunction about carrying a 9mm pistol for personal self-defense, loaded with nearly any modern, 100-125gr high-performance round from Cor-Bon, WW, Remington, Federal, Speer, and a number of other reputable manufacturers.

Of course, most of us agree that 9mm hardball is not appropriate for serious applications and is suitable only for practice. On the other hand, given the choice, I wouldn’t carry hardball ammunition, in any caliber, anywhere except the practice range.

Glib predictions of the decline and eventual death of the 9mm appear to have been untimely and naive. With interest in personal-defensive pistols surging among women, and even small-statured men for whom the discipline of serious shooting has held scant interest until recent times, the 9mm will likely be around for at least another hundred years!



10 June 08

Sage follow-up comments on the 9mm- and modern times:

From Irv Stone at Bar-Sto Precision, barrel-maker… second to none:

“Recently, we’ve seen a big increase in 9mm barrel orders here. We have always manufactured and recommended 9mm conversion barrels for the G23, 27, 32, and 33. Nearly any 40S&W pistol can be easily and quickly converted to 9mm, and, with our barrels, they run smoothly and reliably. It’s a good option for heavy training, while not beating yourself to death and/or breaking the bank!”

You can get hold of Irv directly at barsto@eee.org Recommended!

From my long-time friend and colleague, Claude Werner, at the celebrated Rogers School:

“Even for men, we advise bringing 9mm handguns to the Rogers School! Many decline this advice and bring 40s and 357s. More than half of the time, we are compelled to provide these same optimists with 9mm loaners, starting with the third day (five-day Program), just to get them though the balance of the Course!

As you say, terminal performance with 40s and 357s is surely respectable, but both are
difficult to train with, particularly in high-volume Courses such as ours. In fact, no student has ever earned a higher than ‘Basic’ with a 357. Few can do anything better than passable work with it, and I’ve had to upgrade my electronic earmuffs just to be around them, so obnoxious is the ‘over-pressure event’ (our term for ‘concussion’) with that caliber.

From my old friend, Dave Spaulding:

“Considering the current shocking disparity in price between 9mm and 40/357, I have seen many move to the 9mm, just so they can continue to practice with live ammo!”

From a friend and colleague in the Philippines:

“Particularly for those who live places other than the USA, the 9mm is almost always the only viable pistol-caliber choice. However, unlike you spoiled Americans, those of us from other parts of the world will have to use hardball ammunition for the foreseeable future, if only because superior ammunition is unavailable, or restricted by law.

This ‘prison-of-circumstance’ highlights the importance of being able to achieve multiple, precise hits on the vital areas of a human target, quickly. When hardball is all you have, you dare not wager your life on the unlikely probability of a one-shot, or two-shot, stop. Rather, a definitive burst of well-aimed shots will likely be required if the fight is to end quickly, and in this scenario, a high-capacity 9mm will satisfactorily support the tactic, assuming the Operator is competent. When we consider that we will not always have two hands with which to operate the pistol, the 9mm’s value becomes even more evident.

Carrying more ammo than you think you could ever possibly need is also a capitol idea! Figure on two, spare magazines, and more in your car.

I’m confident the foregoing sounds anything but comforting to many Operators in the USA, but, then again, gunfights have never been ‘comforting’ events, whether your pistol is loaded with hardball or DPX!”



11 June 08

More 9mm options. This from master pistolsmith, Jim Garthwaite:

“For fifteen years, I’ve been building custom 1911 carry-pistols, mostly light-weight frames w/Commander slides. I supply them with two barrels. One is chambered for 9mm (9X19), and the second is chambered for the 9X23.

This set-up allows the Operator to practice, using the 9mm platform. Then, by simply changing barrels and recoil springs, the pistol is instantly converted to 9X23. The 9X23 is ballistically equivalent to the 357SIG. Cor-Bon’s 9×23 DPX, which I recommend, sends a 125gr DPX bullet downrange at 1,375 f/s (from the 4.25″ barrel). It makes a formidable carry pistol!

Our ramped barrels prevent gouging of alloy frames and permit the use of the same 38/Super magazine for both chamberings!”

Comment: Jim Garthwaite’s name is spoken, among experienced Operators, only with the highest reverence! The package he describes above is hard to beat. I have a copy in the works!

You can get hold of Jim G at jg384045@ptd.net



13 June 08


During this current election year, there is no shortage of commercial Small-Arms Instructors. I’m hearing of new names in this Industry nearly every day. It has been my honor to know and influence some. We are indeed blessed with this enthusiastic, new generation of aspiring Instructors, and I surely hope we in the existing/fading generation are serving them as well as we need to.

Americans are nervous, and should be! Fuel costs are slowing world commerce, and we all know that, when goods don’t move across international borders, armies do!

The knowledge and skills we do our best to pass on have been gleaned at great price, over many decades, indeed many centuries. Our Art must not only be preserved, but refined and advanced as we all sit on this precipice in world history. America, indeed all of Western Civilization, is in desperate need of competent Gunmen/Operators. We can’t have too many!

Retail gun sales are way up, but those subsequently seeking respectable, serious training still represent only a minuscule minority. Gun manufacturers are providing us with superior products, yet, even among these people, practical knowledge of the way their products are carried, trained with, and used is scant.

Practical, true weapons skills reside in an expanding Priesthood, both in-and-out of law enforcement and in-and-out of the Military. Oftentimes however, the bigger the institution, the more uninspired and out-of-date the training.

That is the reason devoted, private-sector consultant/trainers constitute the core of our Priesthood. Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned! We are able to move faster and more boldly than anyone else, and we are not constrained, nor even influenced, by inane political agendas, nor internal squabbling, nor sterile, irrelevant competitions.

We have the honor of Leading the Way!

For one, I prefer eccentricity, driven by a passionate pursuit of excellence, over mediocrity, driven by a banal pursuit of money. When true to our Art, our training is neither “fun,” nor “entertaining,” nor “relaxing,” nor “safe.” It is strenuous, dangerous work. Anything less, and we’re kidding ourselves, and defrauding our students.

I know serial cynics who try to entertain their students, and, yes, some of that is necessary in order to maintain their interest, but we can never lose sight of the importance of what we’re doing and of our Place in History. We are on the Forward Edge of the Battle Area for the survival of this Civilization!

When listening to some, for whom I have scan respect, I’m reminded of The Pirates of Penzance:

“I am the very model of a modern Major-General
I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral
I know the Kings of England, and I quote the fights historical
From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical

I’m very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical
I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical
About binomial theorem I’m teeming with a lot o’ news
With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse

… ad nauseam”

Well, as Hubert Humphrey said, “The ‘right’ to be heard does not automatically imply a ‘right’ to be taken seriously!”

Never forget that “what you are” says more about you than what you profess to believe. What you believe is more important than what you’ve managed to acquire, and whom you inspire will go forth and do far more noble deeds than will those you impress.

Follow me!



15 June 08

This from a friend with a State Training Academy. An example of, “When it’s least expected, you’re elected!”

“Two of my rookie students got into gunfights over the last two weeks, one in the City, one in the County. Both used their issue Remington 870 shotguns, and both were compelled to swap from buckshot to a slug in order to complete their missions:

In the first case, my officer, responding to a domestic dispute, returned fire after being fired upon by the male suspect, armed with a pistol. After firing a single round of 00 Buck at the suspect, without apparent effect, my officer concluded he was out of range.

As he had been trained, he quickly and deftly swapped out to a slug (you call it an ‘Ammo-Swap.’ We call it a ‘Select-a-Slug’), remounted the shotgun, and pressed off a single shot. The slug struck the standing suspect (range 25m) high in the center of the neck, just under his chin. Suspect was DRT, nearly decapitated. At least one of the buckshot pellets had also hit him, but failed to take him out of the fight.

The second officer was responding to an armed robbery. As he exited his vehicle, he received rifle fire from a single suspect using a bolt-gun (Rem M700, 308). As our officer ran to cover, using his 870, he fired once at the suspect, again with 00 Buck. No results.

Once behind cover, this officer also employed the Select-a-Slug option, and subsequently put a single slug through the suspect’s sternum. Range was 20m. This suspect was also DRT!

Both officers called me to let me know they were okay and how much they appreciated their training.

So much for, ‘Oh, come-on! When are we ever going to use this technique?’ comment during range training!

Two in one week!”

Lesson: In much of what passes for “training,” we spend entirely too much range time doing all those things we’re already good at! Techniques and routines that are important, but are, by their very nature, awkward and clumsy, are seldom exercised, because, of course, we all want to look good.

Well, who consistently “look good” on the range are obviously not challenging themselves and need to re-evaluate the worthiness of their ambitions!

Single-handed shooting, single-handed reloading, long-distance pistol shooting (15m-40m), shotgun speed-loading and ammunition swapping, retention and disarms, low-light shooting, transition from main pistol to backup, and from backup pistol to blade are all important components of every Operator’s repertoire, but are not exercised nearly as much, nor as often, as they should be.

Savvy instructors at this particular state institution insisted students learned, and repeatedly exercised, ammunition-swapping with their 870 shotguns, despite all the whining!

We instructors are not always popular with our students (nor should we be!), until something like the foregoing happens. Our reward comes when our student is alive and well, and is able to tell us how much he appreciates us not listening to all his whining and driving forward anyway!



16 June 08

Weasel-words from Wal-Mart, from a friend in FL:

“Over the weekend, I was shopping for ammunition, particularly 223.

I went to one Wal-Mart, but they only had a few boxes of 223 in stock, which I purchased. Then, I hit the other Wal-Mart, which is the newer of the two. There, I was told that they didn’t sell ammunition at all. When I asked to talk directly with the manager, he, with a straight face, said they were not selling ammunition ‘because there is a high-school down the street.’ When I went outside to check out his dubious tale, I discovered that the school in question is actually separated from the store by a huge South Florida Water Management Canal!

I then informed him that, at the other Wal-Mart I visited that same day, there are two schools practically adjacent to that store, with no canals in the way, and that they sell ammunition with gay abandon!

He regurgitated and embarrassed mumble or two, exactly like a criminal suspect who just got caught in a lie, and then quickly slunk away and disappeared, saying he would ‘check on it,’ so softly he could barely be heard.

Interesting that this ‘manager’ had his canned ‘school-excuse’ locked and loaded for any customer coming into to purchase ammunition. When his bluff was called, he came undone and slipped away like a weasel!

If he had just stood up and said, ‘I’m sorry sir, but this store does not carry ammunition,’ and left it at that, I would have at least retained some respect for him and for Wal-Mart. But, he obviously thought he was expected to generate a glib-tongued cover-story, which turned out to be an anemic, and obvious, fabrication.”

Comment: I don’t know where one has to go to get a straight answer any more! Bureaucracies are all the same, be they public or private. One might think that in the private sector at least, we might find supervisors who revere traditional American values, if not private gun-ownership, then at least truth, personal integrity, and insuperable self-respect. We would be disappointed!

It’s the same, old story: “We don’t care. We don’t have to!” And, they call it “management.”



18 June 08

Message from the Court, from an Instructor and Attorney:

“In the wake of yesterday’s multi-million dollar settlement/judgement in the VA Tech shooting case, the court has sent a clear message to all institutions:

The main thing the school ‘did wrong’ was to fail to panic quickly nor frantically enough, as the primary basis for plaintiffs’ damage claims was that the university did not issue a sufficiently frenzied warning of an ‘active-shooter,’ nor did it ‘lock-down’ campus areas speedily enough. How either of those actions would have altered the outcome is, as always, lost on those in lawyer-dom.

The other message is that dollars that flow to families of the dead will adequately make up for the slaughter.

As for allowing, indeed encouraging, students and staff to go armed, and take other unilateral actions to look after themselves, of course, anathema to all right-thinking eggheads.”

Comment: Panic and Three-Stooges-style dithering are now considered virtues in academia and lawyer-dom. Self-reliance is, naturally, unthinkable.

Imagine that!



24 June 08

Police UD in SD:

This is from a local newspaper in SD, describing a recent police standoff:

“… a firearm carried by a special-response team-member accidentally discharged… the discharge did not pose a threat to anyone, because of the ‘manner in which it was being handled at the time,’ reported a department spokesman. He added, ‘When you work with loaded guns, unfortunate events like that happen.’”

Comment: Translated into plain English: “I guess that is just the best we can expect from these idiots!”

Amazing the way this civilization rewards mediocrity!



26 June 08

Military Rifle Cartridges, from a friend in the System:

“Let’s look at when the 5.56mm (aka 223) was introduced to the US Military. It’s the 1960s, and we have the draft. Recruits are mostly city/suburban kids who have little experience with guns. You’re given thirteen weeks to train them, and they’re whisked off to Vietnam.

Grudgingly conceding that most of these kids won’t be able to deliver effective, aimed rifle fire, given the Army’s fear-based, inept training philosophy, the Pentagon decides to issue them a light rifle, with an impotent, light-weight, 150m cartridge that doesn’t penetrate anything. Let snipers and M-60s do the real work. M-16s might suffice for keeping heads down, but little else.

Now, 1973 comes along, and the draft ends. Slowly, but surely, we get a small, but professional, Army. These guys are sharp to begin with, and training is much improved. It is still fear-based, but there is much more actual trigger-work/bullet-launching, and range technology has undergone a quantum advancement. The result is that today’s soldiers and Marines really can, once again, deliver effective rifle fire. They are now eminently capable of using military rifles for their intended purpose: gunning-down individual, enemy soldiers, one at a time!

Currently, among these professional warriors, this 223 round, which is still impotent, is causing discontent. Imagine that! These eminently capable Operators are clamoring for a real rifle, and they can no longer be kept silent. They’re demanding an rifle and cartridge that has substantial range and that actually shoots through things!

Why is the Pentagon stubbornly resisting? The phony cover-story is ‘logistics and cost.’ Funny, we seem to be able to get new jet-fighters, new tanks, new armored vehicles, new ships, but new rifles in a new caliber are just somehow unobtainable?

The real reason is that our current Army, wonderfully capable as it is, is still only one-fifth the size it needs to be! We barely have enough people to carry on the current, relatively minor conflicts in the Mideast. In the coming world-conflagration, the draft will have to be re-introduced, much to the chagrin of the Pentagon, and we’ll be back where we started. The current Army will represent merely the core of a much larger Army

They’re content to leave things as they are, because they lack faith in their own ability to adequately train a new flood of draftees with real rifles that have genuine, battle-winning capability.

No faith. No Audacity. No boldness. That is the real problem!”

Comment: … and always has been!



26 June 08

After dodging this issue for 200 years, the Supremes finally confirmed today that the Second Amendment does indeed confirm an individual right of all Americans. It is a great victory, and, by virtue of the leftist media’s predictable downplay of it, we can be assured that they even know what a landmark this decision really is!

Here is a summary from one of our instructors, who is also a judge:

“… they declined to specify a ‘standard of review’ to be used in determining what restrictions are ultimately allowed. They simply said the existing DC law was unacceptable under any standard.
In one footnote, however, Scalia implied that the ‘strict scrutiny’ standard will apply, much as it does in cases involving other specifically enumerated rights. That will be wonderful, but absolute clarification will have to wait for a later case.

Dissenters argued for a standard, best described as a murky ‘balancing-test’ that would have approved nearly any restriction.

Point being: if a future, leftist Court makes that decision, we could still get screwed! The devil is in the details, and many of the details won’t be decided for years to come.”

Comment: We can never relax, as tyrant-wannabes, who believe we Americans exist only to serve them, are always seeking public office. However, we all need to realize what a crushing defeat this decision is for leftists everywhere. Their wet-dreams of herding all their unarmed political opponents into concentration camps will have to wait!