20 Apr 15

2015 ILEETA Conference:

We’re currently attending this year’s ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) Conference in Wheeling, IL

All police trainers need to be members and attend this annual Conference. Too much good information here to miss out on!

Today, it was Vicki’s and my honor to serve on our annual “Police Use of Force Panel,” expertly moderated by our esteemed colleague, and friend, Mas Ayoob.

Overflow audience!

In the wake of the Ferguson, MO fiasco, there was much concern expressed over newly-refreshed enthusiasm of politically-motivated prosecutors to take-down cops in use-of-force incidents, about the tendency of cops to thus expose themselves to suicidal risk rather than appropriately protect themselves with gunfire, and about “hidden agendas,” particular at the federal level, which place impossible expectations, indeed the requirement of flawless clairvoyance, upon officers doing their best to perform their duty. Many officers openly expressed worry about backing they may not receive from their departments, mayors of communities where they work, hostile/hungry US Attorneys, and our current AG! In our upside-down civilization, “publicity” routinely trumps facts!

We all acknowledged the anti-police attitude, currently trickling downward from the highest levels of our federal government (and picked-up by the leftist media), is something we’ll all have to endure, and protect ourselves from, particularly during this election “season.”

Some good advice was offered with regard to dealing with the media, but there are no illusions about their agenda!

Vendor area opens tomorrow.

More to come!