28 Aug 16

“Your hypocrisy insults my intelligence.”

Toba Beta

Missing guns?

Hundreds of thousands of US-manufactured rifles, pistols, LMGs, as well as untold quantities of ammunition have been literally “dumped” into Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places in the Middle East over the past decade by the US. It is all ostensibly to aid our “allies,” but there was never any accountability demanded, even asked, of sundry, sleazy beneficiaries of our careless largess.

As anyone could have predicted, those same weapons are currently turning-up all over the globe. Many are actively being bought and sold in open markets. Many are now in the hands of those opposing US forces. Many others are in the hands of terrorists. Our “solution” is, naturally, to dump even more guns into the region!

“Gun control” is a myth manufactured by arrogant, and heavily-armed, political leftists in this country in an effort to deceive naive Americans into foolishly believing that guns are somehow exempt from laws of supply and demand, and also to keep guns away from their political opponents!

The unvarnished truth is that guns and other “weapons of war,” (a term invented by cynical leftists in an effort to convince naive “millennials” that they are too stupid to possess any kind of gun) are freely traded on world markets (white, black, and otherwise) exactly like any other commodity. The world at large knows no form of “gun control!”

The voluntarily unarmed and helpless, and the pathetically defenseless made so by their own governments, are thus set-up for wholesale slaughter, as has happened over and over in recent world history, the very history leftists insist we never study!

Western “millennials,” unarmed and helpless, when they are herded into gulags, lined-up against brick walls, and gunned-down as “infidels,” may have a brief moment to think about all of this!

Conversely, smart people in every corner of the world arm themselves as best they can. Leftist governments (while always hypocritically arming themselves) will predictably disapprove of guns in the hands of the rest of us, and that should come as no surprise.

Leftists are not good people!

The real force-multiplier is competent training! The well-trained and equipped stand the best chance of living through murderous religious and political pogroms that are taking place right now for many, and just around the corner for the rest of us.

Competent Operators are “hard targets!”

“God is not on the side of big battalions. He sides with capable marksmen!”