7 June 16

HRC throws-off hints:

In an interview on ABC Sunday, HRC obviously didn’t appreciate questions about our Second Amendment and did her best not to answer them. As with all liberals, what answers she did choke-out were ambiguous, and she never defined her terms, nor said anything specific, even when timidly pressed by her former underling, George Stephanopoulos

But, she did hint at what her administration would be like:

“If it (our Second Amendment) is a Constitutional right… “

Her use of the hypothetical indicates she doesn’t believe it is an individual right at all, even though clearly stated in the Constitution and repeatedly confirmed by our Supreme Court.

She completes her sentence with, “… then it, like every other Constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulation.”

“Reasonable regulation,” in Democrat-ese, translates in plain English to “Regulated out of existence,” much they way they’re currently “regulating” our coal industry!

She then disdainfully talks about American gun-owners, that hated minority (like doctors, private-sector employers, et al) and the rights of “the rest of us” to be free from them and their guns, piously proclaiming that she is, of course, far too pure to ever be a gun-owner herself, failing to mention that she is surrounded continuously by a virtual army of heavily-armed bodyguards, none of whom would be restrained in the slightest by restrictive legislation she intends to inflict on “the rest of us.”

She also fails to mention that she is depending upon our ever-expanding, ever-emboldened criminal-class to visit fear and desperation on “the rest of us,” including gun-owners, in order to promote dependancy and anxiety, thus generating sympathy for further erosion of our individual rights and freedoms, and keeping leftists in power forever, which is all they really care about.

For example, liberals hypocritically lament about the current off-the-chart rate of violent crime in Chicago, but those same liberals are the very ones currently in power there, and they do nothing, because that is the way the like it!

That is the same reason HBO, with HRC’s approval, is currently releasing legions of convicted violent felons from prison, always under the blatantly false pretense of some previous “injustice” and other cynical trumpery. They want them out there committing violent crimes!

Our current open borders allow Mexican drug cartels to operate freely, causing a profound, violent crime-wave in AZ, CA, and states as far away as OH. Any yet, nothing is done. Once again, that is the way they want it!

Even mentioning the foregoing is, of course non-PC, and will thus get you severely censured as a “racist,” “ _____ phobe,” et al, even accused of a crime in some places!

Yes, our First-Amendment rights are next on their list!

Pastor Martin Niemöller wrote about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis’ rise to power in Germany in the 1930s, and the subsequent “purging” of selected minorities, group after group. Always with the willing complicity of the media, selected minorities were accused of disloyalty, and the regime said it was therefore okay, even proper, to hate them. Then, when they were subsequently rounded-up and murdered, the cowardly media looked the other way, or pretended it was not happening.

Had he lived in Russia, Niemöller would have written the same thing about Joe Stalin’s regime, or Pol Pot’s in Cambodia, or a thousand other conceited, paranoid monsters who first disarmed their opponents, then isolated them, then murdered them!

… by the trainload!

“Armed prophets are victorious, while unarmed ones have been destroyed. Before all else, be armed!”

Niccolo Machiavelli