5 Mar 2020

“Heaven strictly enforces its immigration laws

Hell has ‘open borders!’”


Sometimes, the mask slips!

Marxists (masquerading as “Democrats”) characteristically soft-sell their socialist agenda, trying to maintain at least a pretense of respectability. Openly advocating for violence against political opponents is usually saved for the “later stages.”

But, Chuck Schumer let his mask slip yesterday when in public he threatened Supreme Court Justices, by name, with physical violence if they dared render a decision he disagreed with.

Today, he sheepishly said such detestable threats coming from his mouth are “justified,” because he is “from Brooklyn,” and as expected all his Democrat colleagues, and the leftist media, are rallying behind him.

If any of us peons had said anything close to that, we would be sitting in jail right now!

But of course, Democrat/socialists can apparently do no wrong!

Remember, Schumer is the politician who said, “Americans should not be armed”

Yet, he is clearly, openly calling upon his acolytes to visit violence upon political opponents, even those in high office

Marxist revolutions are never peaceful. Violence is in their DNA, as we see!

Another example:

On Monday, the husband of Democrat LA County District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, pointed a pistol in a threatening manner at uninvited Black Lives Matter protestors who showed-up on his front porch, commanding them to depart!

Lacey sheepishly apologized for her husband’s actions the next day, trying her best to sweep the whole incident under the rug.

Once again, this is a Democrat politician who has expressed the opinion that “ordinary” citizens should not have guns.

Once again, if any of us peons did anything like that, we would be sitting in LA County Jail.

We would certainly have all our guns immediately confiscated!

And once again, rules apparently don’t apply to elected Democrats!

The foregoing illustrates why we “ordinary” citizens must jealously protect and defend our Second Amendment!

Marxists, when elected, will immediately shower themselves with a plethora of “special privileges,” while insisting that we “ordinary” citizens have too many rights.

And, they will try their level best to sell us on the idea, while throwing a few crumbs our way in order to buy our complacency.

“Force is the ultimate authority, from which all other authority is derived.

Thus, coercion is the only authentic motivator tyrants have at their disposal.”