12 Nov 22
Going armed!
Last week, a teenage girl in CA was precipitously attacked and badly mauled, while in her own backyard, by a pack of five large dogs (owned by a neighbor).
Another neighbor (unarmed) heard the girl’s screams and tried to intervene, but the dogs soon turned-on him and chased him back into his house. However, in inadvertently distracting the dogs, he may have saved the girls’s life!
The girl is still in “serious condition.” She will likely survive, but will suffer permanent
Call it “backyard carry” if you wish, but when just outside your own home (or inside your home for that matter) there’s no guarantee that a critical incident will not suddenly rear its ugly head, as it did in this case, and find you unprepared!
Getting attacked by domestic dogs is the same as being attacked by a pack of wolves. If we all lived in “wolf country,” I’m guessing we would take being constantly armed (no matter where we are) a bit more seriously!
Successfully defending yourself from a bloodthirsty pack of dogs who are determined to kill you, using anything other than a readily-available gun that is in a high state of readiness, is mostly wishful thinking!
And, getting attacked simultaneously by several large dogs is a very real possibility, just about anywhere in the Country.
It’s like having wolves in your own neighborhood!
“Better to be afraid and prepared, than happy and dead.”
Lenore Stutznegger