14 Nov 23
A NYC subway-rider recently witnessed a violent mugging of a woman on a NYC subway platform near Times Square.
A woman was physically, violently attacked by a mugging suspect trying to get her handbag, a common occurrence in NYC, particularly on the subway system.
Another passenger (not otherwise involved), witnessing this felony-in-progress, produced a pistol and fired two “warning shots” in the direction of the mugger. Both shots expended themselves harmlessly. No one was hurt as a result.
The mugging suspect immediately fled.
The shooter then calmly departed, but was arrested by NYPD officers a short time later.
The shooter has been charged criminally. The “technical legality” of his carrying a pistol concealed in that place was not reported.
The mugging suspect was also arrested (as he has been for similar felonies numerous times before), but has been already released!
1) “Warning shot(s)” are almost always a bad idea!
A “bad outcome” is very likely!
Not recommended!
2) In the eyes of most prosecutors, “Flight Equals Guilt”
When someone employs deadly force (whether anyone is harmed or not), or even merely produces a pistol in a public place, and then flees the scene, his flight will usually be interpreted at an assumed admission of guilt.
Sometimes, it is prudent to depart a crime-scene for the sake of your own continued safety. That is surely understandable, but when you do, you need to notify police at your earliest opportunity
3) In NYC (and most of NYS, as well at any number of other blue states and metro areas), liberal politicians and prosecutors “expect” you, indeed “require” you, to meekly submit to physical attack(s) by violent felons!
Any use of force, particularly deadly force, on the part of citizens who are attempting to defend themselves or other innocent parties from harmful, even deadly, battery at the hands of violent felons is always viewed as a “crime” in itself!
In plain English, Democrat/Marxists don’t want you protecting yourself from their precious criminals. As a resident, you are required to “accept” violent crime as a condition of living there.  You’re expected to be a “good (ie: cooperative) victim!”
Of course, these same politicians rely on a virtual army of heavily-armed, taxpayer-funded bodyguards to protect themselves, so they don’t think violent crime is “a problem,” because for them, it isn’t. For them, “violent crime” is nothing more than casual conversation!
This erudite, non-caring attitude on the part of leftist politicians won’t change any time soon, so best advice is to stay out of NYC, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Austin, TX, Portland, OR, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, et al.
Don’t live there, and don’t go there!
The “System” in these places does not consider your personal safety, your property, indeed your very life, to be particularly important. It is surely of no concern to them, as we see!
“Criminals should be punished, not fed pastries.”
Lemony Snicket