24 Apr 21
Good News:
Knives aren’t dangerous!
Leftist politicians, along with their media puppets, have been solemnly asserting for the last two days that knife fights, stabbing/slashing incidents, are no big deal, and further, that knife fights do not require police intervention.
After all, teenagers have been playing with knives for years, so “let knife-waving teenagers be knife-waving teenagers,” so says the despicable leftist mob, with a straight face.
All this in an effort to shamelessly denigrate the decisive, life-saving actions of an OH police officer earlier this week.
Of course, the foregoing will come as amazing news to French citizens, because yesterday a French police employee, returning from a lunch break, was stabbed to death in a town near Paris by an AA-shouting Islamic terrorist, an illegal immigrant from Tunisia. The precipitous attack took place in “the secure entrance area” of the police station.
Perpetrator was shot to death by other police officers a short time later.
French President, Emmanuel Macron, said France would “never give-in to Islamist terrorism” after a Pakistani man wounded two people in September of last year with a meat cleaver outside the former offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
In October of last year, a Chechen refugee, also illegally in France, beheaded a local school teacher, in an apparent response to Macron’s challenge.
Later in October, three innocent French citizens were murdered when another recent (illegal) arrival from Tunisia went on a stabbing spree in a church in the Mediterranean city of Nice.
In June 2016, two other French police officers were stabbed to death at their home, by yet another Islamic terrorist, also illegally in France.
Apparently, terrorists did not get the “Knives-are-harmless” memo from the DNC!
They apparently did get the “Borders-are-racist” memo!
So, with all due respect to President Macron, it looks to me as if France has already “given-in to terrorists,” because they keep letting them in!
Of course, we should brag!
Meanwhile, France’s equivalent of our State Department has advised all French Citizens to depart Pakistan immediately.
Optimism is fading!
“No compunction
Just reactions
No regrets
No retractions
One with my blade, alive in my hand
Pure of heart and firm in my stand
It’s not in the blade; it’s played in the mind
Seek the True Way, and The Way you shall find.”
A poem I learned from a group of amazing knife fighters in South Africa. Africa is where most current knife-fighting techniques originated, centuries ago!