2 Aug 99

A friend works in an office building in Atlanta. She was at work when the Atlanta shooting took place last week. Her building is on the same block as the building where the incident happened. News of the incident spread through her building rapidly as it was still going on. Panic broke out.

Eventually, she got out of the building. She was unhurt.

Here are her conclusions:

>It really doesn’t make sense to arm yourself only when “going somewhere dangerous.” It’s dangerous everywhere, and it’s always going to be a “come as you are” fight. Do what you have to do, because nobody else is going to do it for you.

>Have an exit plan in place for your office, your home, and other places that you frequent. Always check out entrances and exits in public places such as restaurants.

>Don’t be a gawking spectator. Get out at the first sign of trouble.

>Don’t panic and don’t dither. Take decisive action immediately. Anything is better than sitting there exclaiming “what should we do?”