1 July 18

“Learn from the mistakes of others. When you insist on making them all yourself, you won’t live long enough.

In fact, you won’t live long at all!”

Soldier’s Proverb

Our Army, rather than ramping-up small-arms training for all soldiers, is purchasing thousands of ostensibly non-lethal “rifles” that fire pepper-filled balls.

These are presumably for riot-control “missions.”

Yet, I thought we had armies for fighting wars, and police for dealing with riots.

Apparently, not any more!

Soft-headed, liberal politicians, and denizens of the Pentagon alike, obviously aren’t comfortable with American soldiers shooting real bullets, launched from real rifles and pistols, at real enemies.

Instead, we’re now asked to shoot nothing more harmful than pepper-filled balls!

Liberals foolishly, mistakenly, naively believe that we can have “casualty-free wars!”

This paradoxical, but persistent, preoccupation with “non-lethal control” in military circumstance is the reason our most dangerous, most fearsome, most ruthless enemies around the globe fear us less and less with each passing day.

Instead of quaking in their shoes at the mere thought of angering the USA (the way they used to), they must now be howling with laughter at this latest addition to our “arsenal.”

Liberals’ logically inexplicable, but deeply-ingrained, weakness when confronted with decisions to kill amoral, evil monsters who masquerade as cause-obsessed, human beings, places us all is grave danger!

History does not deal kindly with the weak-willed, self-indulgent, self-deluded, and unprepared.

Such nations, and individuals, are quickly and unceremoniously relegate to the dustbin of history!

We are all here this day, only because we had audacious, courageous ancestors who were willing to fight for their lives, and by extension, ours.

Descendants of those who were unwilling to fight, aren’t here.

They never existed!

When we, in this generation, are unwilling to fight for our lives and for future generations yet unborn, but instead continue to self-indulgently delude ourselves (as evidenced by the foregoing), our memory, and our posterity, will never exist either.

And probably shouldn’t!

“Martyrdom is overrated”