16 Apr 99

The Lesson from Kosovo:

“In “The Lord of the Flies” a group of children fleeing German air raids on London during WW II are marooned on an island after their aircraft crashes. They are without adult supervision. Society’s restraints are soon lost and the strongest organized group (the Choir) quickly becomes dominant and brutalizes the other boys. So is the nature of Man.

Removed from civilized restraints, it is the Strong that rule. When Male volence is also present, the Strong brutalize the Weak. When the Strong are also Righteous, the Weak are protected and nurtured, while the Malevolent kept at bay.

Our Founding Fathers provided the means by which all Americans would be assured the ability to keep the Malevolent at bay…the Second Amendment. My wife watched CNN showing a grandmother struggling with a Serbian thug who was dragging off her teenage grandson until she too was beaten with a club. Grandmothers should not slug it out with thugs, they should concentrate on “Sight Picture/Good Press” as they send a rifle slug through the thug’s black heart. Unfortunately, the Kosovars do not have the same heritage as do we Americans. Let us never undermine our strength, the strength of the righteous to defend themselves!”