30 Mar 13

From a friend and professing Democrat:

“I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that not all Democrats are anti-gunners”

My reply:

“I suppose you could say not all Nazis were anti-Jew, but that didn’t alter the outcome, did it?

The fact is, just about all Democrat politicians are, in fact, viciously anti-gun, and can be depended upon to mindlessly knuckle-under to every radical proposal coming down from the BHO Administration!

Have you seen any evidence to the contrary?

I’m not a member of any political party. Never have been, so I’m free to say terrible things about all of them, and do!

Right now, Democrat politicians, unquestioningly commanded by the BHO Administration and its obedient political commissars in the media, represent a real threat to our personal liberties and freedom, indeed the future of this nation, and I won’t hesitate to say so, nor should anyone else, even professing Democrats!

The honest among us don’t need to mince words, nor sugar-coat what we plainly see. Nor do we need to ‘protect’ reputations and legacies. Chips will fall where they may, in any event!”

“When I ask for the time, don’t launch into an interminable dissertation on how to build a watch!”