29 Mar 13

NY’s recent “Safe” anti-gun act, hurriedly passed in the middle of the night by sleazy leftist politicians, including the governor, has now become an embarrassment! As with Obamacare, no one read it before voting!

The ill-conceived law limits the capacity of all magazines, even handgun magazines, to seven rounds. So, the sale, and possession, of just about all autoloading pistols is now technically illegal, as even 1911 pistols can and will accept extended magazines that hold more than seven rounds, and they can’t be modified so as not accept such extended magazines. And, no one currently makes seven-round AR magazines, nor are they likely to, as NY politicians will simply “adjust” the number of rounds that is legal, at their whim, in subsequent legislation, which is, of course, what they just did!

The governor (Democrat, of course), who earlier described the bill as “well-drafted,” is now waffling, contending that “… much of what’s in the law was drafted by people connected to NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Center, not by my staff. That’s why there are so many problems with it.” The Governor himself obviously thought the Act only restricted rifle magazines! Passing the blame, a liberal tradition!

Another example of political “profiles in negligence.”

In addition, the law authorizes the state to enact a new Nazi-like “turn-in-your-neighbor” program, where a five-hundred-dollar bounty is to be paid to “… persons reporting illegal ownership of weapons.”

And, there is no exception for LEOs!

Gulags next?

Meanwhile, Democrats in CO have just passed, and the Democrat governor has signed, more meaningless, sloppy, and unenforceable anti-gun legislation. Designed solely to punish honest gun-owners, and all who don’t vote for them.

These guys are dangerous!

There is a lot to be said for Democrats, and I hope it’s said in time!