8 Mar 19

“A dauntless American Patriot, who describes himself as “not a gun-guy’ is like a Knight of the Round Table saying of himself:

‘I’m not really a sword-guy!’”

JD Carr

Late on the afternoon of 14 Dec 1774 (Wed), exactly one year after the famous “Boston Tea Party,” more than four hundred armed New Hampshire Militia members, lead by John Langdon, showed-up at King George III’s Powder Magazine, located within the guarded walls of Fort William and Mary, New Castle, NH.

They overpowered British guards and seized ninety-seven barrels of high-quality British Army black powder.

It was distributed immediately among other New Hampshire Colonial Militia Units.

It was not a “fair fight.” It took place during a bitter snow storm, and the six mortified Redcoats manning the Fort at the time were taken completely by surprise.

A few shots were exchanged, but the attack was over very quickly, with two British soldiers wounded in the process.

The next day (Thursday), another raid on the Fort, this one lead by John Sullivan, resulted in the seizure and removal of several cannon and numerous muskets.

Four months later, in April of 1775, the famous “Shot-Heard-‘Round-the-World” would be fired in Lexington, MA!

Our magnificent American Revolution had well and truly begun!

This wildly successful (but little-known) raid was expertly planned and lead by what British General John Burgoyne disdainfully called:

“Rabble in arms, flush with success and insolence!”

Seized were the equivalent of “detachable, registered, serial numbered, high-capacity magazines, stamped ‘for British use only’”

Spiritual ascendants of Burgoyne (Democrat/socialists) still to this day contemptuously refer to proud American gun-owners as “armed rabble,” as they still try to “justify” forced gun confiscation, and subsequent enslavement, ever “for our own good.”

Audaciously, proudly standing in their way, we modern-day “Rabble,” still flush and insolent, insist that guns, and all our rights as Americans, are not to be enjoyed solely, exclusively by the smug, self-declared, political elite!

“Some birds are not meant to be caged. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet, and wild.

So, you let them go, and when you open the cage to feed them, they fly out past you!

And, the part of you who knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place
where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.”

Stephen King (but King George III could have said it, and probably did!)