6 Nov 19

Farnam Signature M4 and 7.62×51

Hans Vang, and his wonderful crew at Vang Comp in AZ, are now producing my FS M4s and FS 7.62x51s!

The Vang Comp shop is not far from Gunsite!

Vang Comp is known mostly for fighting shotguns, but they do a wide variety of work on pistols and rifles also, and they can now do NP3 and polymer treatments!

Hans has been a good friend form many years, and his work and customer service has always been second to none!

Keith Everett started building my Signature Rifles a number of years ago. When he retired, Freddie Blish at Robar took over, and did a splendid job, as he always does, producing a number of suburb rifles. Their owners are lucky to have them!

The firearm side of Robar’s business recently closed, so Freddie and I both reached-out to Hans, and he (as I knew he would) jumped right in!

I have been blessed with good and fast friends!

Vang Comp is a full-service gunsmith shop. They enjoy a sterling reputation and employ master gunsmiths, certified Colt armorers, all under Mr Vang’s tutelage. Their capacity is tremendous, and everything they do exceeds mil-spec.

They know how to make and deliver fighting rifles to my specifications, and they now have the entire technical package.

FS M4s have been built on several premium rifles, including BCI, Anderson. Vang Comp technicians are well-connected in the industry and can build your rifle on any number of quality platforms.

FS 7,62x51s are built on the POF Revolution Rifle and the Robinson Arms XCR/M. Other eligible candidates include the DSA/FAL

When you are ready for a serious, modern, reliable, fighting rifle (designed for fighting, not for playing), set-up to my specifications (with everything you need and nothing you don’t), tested, sighted-in, and ready for immediate service the moment it arrives, this is the ticket!

Contact Cody at Vang Comp

Vang Comp Systems, Inc
2805 N Hwy 89, Unit C
Chino Valley, AZ 86323
928 636 8455
928 636 1538 (Fax)