26 Nov 16

“Your hypocrisy insults my intelligence.”

Toba Beta

Voter fraud, even when openly promoted by an entire political party (Democrats), apparently has its limits!

Put another way: Thank Heaven for our Electoral College!

Still reeling in disbelief from election results, leftists, in politics and the media, are suddenly confronted by the failure of the very voter fraud, that they so ruthlessly promote, to get their candidates elected.

Our Founders created our Electoral College, because they knew that, as the nation grew, large metro areas would attract legions of no-goods, who would be kept there, in a perpetual state of poverty, by amoral politicians who cynically look upon them only as a method for political domination and permanence for themselves.

Today, we’re there! Veritable armies of the illegal and the permanently non-productive, herded into large metro areas, are literally paid by big-city leftists to (1) stay where they are, and (2) remain poor.

Leftist mayors flatter themselves with terms like “sanctuary city,” denoting only a “sanctuary” for illegal votes they rely upon to keep themselves in power.

Thus, Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, et al are today little more than third-world shit-holes, “governed” by Communists, formally occupied by Americans!

If it were not for our Electoral College, no politician would ever set foot outside city limits of these manufactured metro-sewers, knowing that all the votes they need can be purchased/terrorized therein.

Because of our Electoral College, those of us who don’t live in big cities still have a voice!

“Children may lack morality, but they also lack fake morality.”

Mignon McLaughlin