15 Mar 23
“‘Shelter in place!’ will always be the bean-counter’s directive. They want only to be able to ‘account’ for everyone.
Dead or alive is all the same to their mission, so long as you are ‘accounted for’”
“Restraining” orders!
A current, court-issued “restraining order,” along with CCTV cameras, supposedly “beefed-up police patrols,” etc all failed to save a CA couple last week.
A “stalker,” who had a current restraining order placed on him, nonetheless forced his way into the couple’s home and murdered both of them, before killing himself.
In a subsequent interview, the local chief of police stressed that a restraining order is merely “a piece of paper,” and has no physical ability to “restrain” anyone!
Our inherently dishonest news media elected to delete that part from their TV report.
Why am I not surprised?
Restraining orders, like incredulous “gun-free zones,” are essentially feel-good fluff, altogether powerless to protect the innocent.
Only fools bet their lives on these myths!
The above violent criminal attack occurred inside the victims’ own home.
Many foolishly believe that their home (apparently via some other phantasmal dictum) is a “crime-free zone,” where nothing bad is ever allowed to happen. Accordingly, they may carry concealed in public, but disarm themselves the moment they cross the threshold of their home.
What magically makes your home any safer than anywhere else you’ve been today?
Real personal security begins with confronting the incontrovertible fact that you’re on your own, everywhere, every minute of every day!
Who naively place “faith” in a piece of paper, and/or pious pronouncements from political gas-bags, don’t get to die of old age, as we see!