16 Apr 19

Commercial Flight Update:

Yesterday, I flew on a commercial flight, from EWR (Newark, NJ) to MDW (Chicago, Midway) on SW Airlines.

I had with me my usual complement of gear (in checked baggage).

It was no problem!

I informed the ticket-agent, as always, and my luggage went to the TSA screening area.

They looked through it, and sent me on my way!

As a matter of fact, the head TSA guy had just returned from a week at Gunsite, and we had a very pleasant conversation!

NY/NJ Port Authority Police were never involved, although I’ve talked with them before and they’ve always been pleasant and helpful!

I’m sure TSA is far from perfect, but yesterday at EWR, they couldn’t have been nicer!

Normal-capacity magazines and HP ammunition (which I had with me) never entered the conversation!

I suspect the situation is different over the state-line at JFK. I’ve never flown in, nor out, of JFK, so I can only comment in generalities.

It is not my intent to “recommend” anything. But, I can say that TSA, NY/NJ Port Authority Police at EWR, and SW Airlines employees have always been very nice to me!

Yesterday was no exception!

If there is a “secret” to flying with guns, it is to have guns locked-up in a hard case (within your regular luggage), per TSA regulations.

Ammunition and magazines secured within padded gun-rugs.

Be polite, but not “chatty.”

Don’t answer questions that weren’t asked.

Don’t fail the attitude test!