11 Apr 15

“Disarmed Forces:”

Under the current Administration, US military posts within CONUS are in the process of essentially guaranteeing another successful “Ft Hood” massacre!

Since genuine fighting generals have now all been replaced with “managers,” their “solution” to gun accidents and wanton attacks is:

More distrust
More “snoopervision”
More suffocating regulation
And even more layers of endless bureaucracy.

Individual initiative and personal responsibility will never be part of any formula they consider.

Terrorists will now never be so much as inconvenienced by armed and prepared troopers!

Privately-owned guns, anywhere on post, must now all be “registered,” and information entered into a central data base. The obvious purpose for this is to insure that, during the next manufactured “crisis,” all privately-owned guns, even those few kept in private base housing, will be immediately rounded-up and impounded, indefinitely. Rightful owners will, of course, never see them again. That is all part of the “next step!”

In some cases, verbiage reads, “guns, and other weapons.” Obviously, knives are next!

This new layer of regulation applies to all ranks, including officers and S/NCOs. Not sure how it applies to federal FBI, DEA, et al special agents while they’re on-base, nor to local police when they’re on-base on official business.

Concealed carry, by anyone, is now completely prohibited, even those who have valid, state-issued CCW permits. Once again, it is not clear how this applies to police and armed federal agents. Those details are conveniently never mentioned!

Guns being transported in cars must be rendered completely useless and inaccessible.

Of course, the foregoing represents only a beginning stage in the overall “plan.” All-embracing, enforced helplessness is their ultimate goal

Soon, no privately-owned guns will be allowed on base at any time. They’ll all have to be stored off-property, maybe even out of state. Ultimately, no active-duty personnel will even be allowed to own, nor possess, guns at all, on, nor off, post!

The goal of these leftists is, as noted above, consummate individual helplessness.

Leftists never think of people as “people,” magnificent champions who have audaciously stepped forward to defend our civilization. They only think of us as a commodity, like livestock or beans, to be “managed,” manipulated, expended, and, in the interim, held in continuous contempt and suffocated with interminable, incomprehensible “rules.”

Never inspired, never lead, never valued, absolutely never trusted!.

What ever happened to “special trust and confidence?” What ever happened to “sovereign citizens?”

I’m persuaded the current Administration, and its acolytes, know full-well more “Ft Hood incidents” are actually encouraged and facilitated by this new layer of “rules.”

Cynically, all that matters to them is the advancement of their agenda, no matter the wreckage they leave on their wake!

What a blight on our civilization!

“Unarmed or disarmed. Either way, you’re unprepared and unready, and you’re in for an unhappy day (maybe your last) when bad things happen suddenly!”