14 Apr 21
“In a dying civilization, political prestige is the reward, not for the shrewdest politician, but for the man with the best ‘bedside manner.’
It is the decoration conferred on mediocrity by ignorance.”
Eric Ambler
This update from a friend and student who lives and works in SA:
“In the 1980s, Maggie Thatcher said ‘The ANC (African National Congress) is a terrorist organization, and anyone who thinks they can run a country is living in coo-coo land!’
She was right!
Corruption and depravity here today are endemic, hopeless, and continue to grow progressively worse since Maggie said that.
Capetown, a once clean, safe, thriving, productive jewel of Western Civilization, is today a sickening, seething, stagnate, rotting ghetto. It’s new title is ‘Crime City, RSA’
Criminal gangsters are running townships. Dead bodies are found everywhere, every morning.
Violent crime is horrible, and often spills-over into our ever-shrinking ‘privileged areas,’ despite endless walls, barbed wire, electric fences, ubiquitous video cameras, and veritable armies of private security guards!
Murderous home invasions are common. Gangsters don’t care if people are at home or not.
Murders of isolated farm families are an almost daily occurrence, and have been for some time.
Openly-practiced drug-dealing, prostitution, smuggling are all technically “illegal,” but unhindered.
Illegal harvesting of sea life goes-on right under the nose of ‘law enforcement,’ all either bought-off or threatened. No action is ever taken. It is sickening to watch!
Non-productivity and consequent unemployment is high and growing. There is much pressure on youngsters to join criminal gangs. Gangs are profoundly territorial, extremely violent, casually murderous, and compete with each other for ruthlessness. Human life and suffering mean nothing to them! Motivation includes cool clothes, fancy cars, prostitutes, drugs, etc.

Who are unwilling to join a gang will bear the consequences, along with their families!

None here die of old age, in any event!
Drive-by shootings are common. Many collateral injuries and deaths
Depending on where you live, police ‘response’ can take days. Even in ‘privileged suburbs,’ police response is
usually hours away, in addition to being incompetent, inadequate, and utterly disinterested.
No one in ‘government’ could possible care less about us, our lives, health, property, future.
As you are fond of saying, we are ‘on our own’ here!”
Comment: This is exactly the direction in which the USA is currently cascading, much faster than most think!
Democrats and their proxies (ANTIFA, BLM) are our own version of the ANC!
Violent crime is off the charts in our metro areas, and no one cares. Precious few murders, rapes, break-ins, lootings, are ever seriously investigated, much less “solved.” Violent criminal gangs are smugly, and rightly, confident that there is scant risk of ever being caught, even less of being successfully prosecuted.
Destructive rioting and looting is now defacto legal here! Police have been ordered by Democrat mayors not to interfere! Arrestees, what few there are, are released immediately. Violent crimes are not prosecuted by Democrat prosecutors.
Entire areas of cities have been taken-over by leftist mobsters. Murders committed within them are not investigated, and police dare not enter!
With the blessing, indeed encouragement, of the JRB Administration, endless hoards of disease-ridden, non-skilled, non-English-speaking illegal aliens are pouring over our open and unprotected “borders,” in a veritable avalanche, and flocking into our rotting urban areas, there to join criminal gangs and participate in the mayhem.
Meanwhile, states and cities are passing sweeping “police reform legislation,” that makes effective law enforcement impossible. Police “response” is rapidly becoming, as it is in Africa- slow, deficient, inadequate, and disinterested.
Our public police are being thinned-out, and reduced to doormen!
Violent criminals can have guns, but asphyxiating restrictions are imposed upon innocent and vulnerable citizens.
Most of all, as in Africa, our leftist government officials, elected and appointed, couldn’t possibly care less!
They live in secure, taxpayer-funded luxury, as they smugly pass suffocating laws that will never apply to them.
They are continuously protected by heavy-armed agents, upon whom “police reform” does not apply!
As in Africa, the ANC is now in charge here, and the rest of us are “on our own!”
It’s going to get worse, rapidly!
“Sometimes I wonder whether Roman patricians didn’t secretly long for the barbarians”
Romain Gary