12 July 19

Dear DTI students and friends:

DTI Web Page on-line Course Registration is today back up and running!

I’m delighted to report that our DTI Web Page at defense-training.com, once more, includes a convenient, fast, and easy-to-use on-line Course Registration section. Only this time, it is vastly improved and expanded!

You can now register for any DTI Course, quickly and easily, and you receive an email confirmation from me that same day!

Any difficulties with the new System, get hold of me directly at jsfarnam@aol.com

We may have to do some minor tweaking, but the new system is now ready and at your service!

1. New registration system is faster and easier to use than before. We’ve removed extra steps, and made it more intuitive to find what you need and make secure payment.

2. Discounts! We appreciate your dedication and support. Hopefully, this is a way to show our gratitude. All future students can now take advantage of one or all of the following:

$25 OFF | Online Registration
$25 OFF | Loyalty Coupon (returning students within the last year)
$50-$100 OFF | Group Discounts (per student!)

Look for details here:


Here is a current List of DTI Courses:

Come and join us for our state-of-the-Art training, available nowhere else. We don’t “franchise!” All instruction is provided my me personally:

27-28 July 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Tipp City, OH

3-4 Aug 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Warrendale, PA
10-11 Aug 19 DTI Scenario-Based Training (Force-on-force, Airsoft), Watertown, WI
17-18 Aug 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Fairplay, CO
23-26 Aug 19 DTI Women’s Defensive Handgun, Elk Mountain, WY (Registration for this DTI WDHG Course is not available on-line. To register, contact Susan at the Elk Mountain Hotel directly at 307 348 7774)

7-8 Sept 19 DTI Scenario-Based Training (Force-on-Force, Airsoft) Sturgis, MI
14-15 Sept 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Raymond, MS
21-22 Sept 19 DTI Urban Rifle, South Lake Tahoe, NV
27-28 Sept 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Lehi, UT

5-6 Oct 19 DTI Instructor, Nashville, TN
12-13 Oct 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Victoria, TX
12-13 Oct 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Victoria, TX
19-20 Oct 19 DTI Urban Rifle, Sussex, NJ
26-27 Oct 19 DTI Vehicle Defense, Manchester, NH

2-3 Nov 19 DTI Advanced Defensive Handgun, Columbia, SC
2-3 Nov 19 DTI Women’s Defensive Handgun, Columbia, SC
9-10 Nov 19 DTI Instructor Course, Greenville, OH
15 Nov 19 DTI Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds, Homestead, FL
16-17 Nov 19 DTI Vehicle Defense, Homestead, FL
23-24 Nov 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Post Falls, ID

30 Nov-1 Dec 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, El Paso, TX

21-22 Mar 20 DTI Advanced Defensive Handgun, Naples, FL
16-17 May 20 DTI Up Close and Personal Defense, Los Angeles, CA

19-20 Sept 20 DTI Urban Rifle, Kankakee, IL

/John S Farnam, DTI