22 Feb 2020

Defiant Munitions!

As most of us know Cor-Bon, the daring and innovative ammunition company (founded by my good friend, Peter Pi), which boldly came on the scene in 1982, was sold to new owners in 2017 and subsequently passed out of the Pi family.

Cor-Bon started in MI, then moved to SD. New owners then moved it to OH, where the company is located currently.

Peter Pi subsequently went to work for Cameron Hopkins at Supervel in Nevada, greatly improving Supervel’s product line.

Peter has since retired, but his eldest son, Peter Jr, has since started-up his own new ammunition company in Sturgis, SD, called Defiant Munitions!

Peter Jr worked many years for his father at Cor-Bon and is very familiar with the industry!

Cor-Bon is probably best known for its successful marketing of ammunition featuring an all-copper (homogeneous) hollow-point pistol bullet, which has proven itself vastly superior to the old-style “cup-and-core” HP bullet design.

Cor-Bon called this line of serious pistol ammunition “DPX.” It has enjoyed immense popularity and has since been copied by nearly all the other ammunition manufacturers.

In the 1990s, bullet-maker, Barnes (then owned by Randy Brooks), was the first to introduce all-copper rifle bullets.

Barnes then worked with Taurus to produce an all-copper pistol bullet. The first commercial loading was produced and marketed by Taurus, a 45ACP, which featured a 185gr HP bullet.

It was a spectacular commercial failure and quickly discontinued!

Cor-Bon then bought-up the remaining, unused bullets. Working with Barnes engineers, and Cor-Bon’s own marketing genius, Mike Shovel, the technology was successfully adopted to other pistol calibers.

In 2004, Cor-Bon re-introduced the all-copper HP concept to the market, now calling it “DPX.”

Unlike Taurus, Cor-Bon did extremely well with this product, as noted above!

Then, Barnes was “absorbed” by Remington (along with a number of other unfortunate industry companies)!

New owners at Barnes decided to expand from just making bullets and market their own line of serious ammunition. They abruptly stopped selling bullets to Cor-Bon!

Caught by surprise, Cor-Bon hastily found another vendor to make their DPX bullets, General Plug in OH. Serving mostly the automotive industry, General Plug manufactures pipe plugs, reducer bushings, and screw‑machine parts.

General Plug currently continues to supply all-copper bullets to a number of ammunition manufacturers.

At Defiant Munitions, Peter Pi Jr continues to innovate and refine the original DPX bullet design.

Defiant’s own 9mm service ammunition features a reduced hollow cavity mouth, to address feeding issues inherent with aggressive hollow openings. In profile, DM’s bullet looks like hardball.

“Petals” are long and beefy, to cut-through bone.

DM’s bullets also have a slight boat-tail at the base, to modestly reduce bearing surface.

DM’s cases are plated with a proprietary process that is tough and flake-resistant.

I’m currently testing DM’s 115gr all-copper HP +p round, called “TCX”

From my SIG 320, velocity is a consistent 1,250 F/S

Like Supervel, Underwood, Cor-Bon, Black Hills, Gorilla, G9, and Lehigh, Defiant Munitions is small, aggressive, innovative, and daring, and I’m happy to recommend them!

See them at defiantmunitions.com