3 Sept 01

Last weekend during course in Atlanta, a student used an HS pistol in 9mm, made in Croatia. It’s the first one I’d seen, although I was told that it has become popular in certain areas.

It basically a Glock-17 look-alike, right down to the double-trigger safety system. It functioned without any problems during the eight hundred rounds of hardball it consumed.

Unhappily, it “features” a grip safety, put there no doubt on the advice of some lawyer who personally couldn’t distinguish a gun from a toaster and who couldn’t care less about the ultimate consumer. The grip safety not only prevents the gun from firing when it is not fully depressed. It also prevents the slide from moving. This proves a significant irritation during loading and unloading, particularly when the shooter is attempting to lock the slide to the rear. The pistol would greeted with a great deal more enthusiasm if it didn’t have this “feature.”

Given the choice, I’d still recommend a G17.