14 Mar 18

Gun Competence:

I’ve grown weary of recent editorials frantically warning us all that allowing school teachers and administrations to carry concealed pistols in school will lead to a “rash of gun-accidents,” because “… ‘those people’ just can’t be trained to use guns competently.”

In that case, I suppose no one can be trained to use guns competently!

The tired, liberal refrain, “You’re too stupid to own a gun,” is being resurrected, this time targeting teachers as the one class of citizens who are so feebleminded that they should never be allowed to even touch guns, much less actually carry them.

That same ridiculous prediction was made (by all the same people) at the beginning of the armed-pilots program, which has subsequently become a more-or-less complete success!

I remember having a discussion with Marine Corps brass, as I was promoting the concept of hot ranges on military bases, after having actually run several with their own troopers, of all ranks.

“But Mr Farnam, aren’t you worried about gun-accidents?”

My reply:

“Colonel, you’re having accidents now, even on your “cold” ranges! All the while, your troopers are not learning how to confidently carry loaded guns.”

When people own, store, and carry guns for serious purposes, there will be mishaps. With competent training, accidents can be greatly reduced, but never eliminated.

The complete and utter eradication of gun-accidents, like traffic-accidents, is an unrealistic goal!

Even within police departments, we have gun accidents. And, now and then an officer (sometimes even the chief) inadvertently leaves his pistol sitting on the toilet tank at his favorite restaurant!

When these mishaps occur, we take note, make corrections as necessary, re-mediate/discipline as necessary, and then drive on!

But in our deteriorating world, be you an LEO or not, you don’t ever want to be unarmed!

Particularly when you’re among professing liberals, you’ll be the only one there who isn’t armed! Liberals may not care about your life, but they care a great deal about their own!

Be you a LEO, pilot, soldier, Marine, teacher, school administrator, or just a plain-vanilla citizen, you better know and understand that when anyone saves your life, it will probably be you, because you will be the only one in a position to change the outcome.

Can “little-old you” be trained to own, store, carry, and use guns correctly and lawfully?

Never doubt it!

And, never believe self-righteous liberal hypocrites when they try to tell you you’re too stupid!