22 June 12

Comments from left-handers:

“Let me say to lefties what you, being right-handed, may not. As a left-handed person, I must comment that ‘left-handed’ versions of nearly anything are patently ridiculous. This is especially true with guns. Lefties must learn to use all tools that are, or will likely be, available to them. There are workable ways to use standard, right-handed controls. Learn them. ‘Stock parts’ mean you can get your gun fixed immediately, instead of having to send off for the ‘left-handed’ version of a part, which, it seems, is always made exclusively from ‘unobtainium!’

The pistol that slides toward you across the bar-room floor, or the rifle you find laying on the battlefield, will likely not be the ‘left-handed’ version! Adapt and overcome. Find a way to win, rather than throwing a tantrum, because the world is not ‘sensitive’ to your needs.”

“With regard to your left-side ejection-port issue, use Larue mounts for ACOGs and Aimpoints. They’re reversible! Unmount the optic, turn the mount around, and remount the optic. Levers and knobs are now on the right sight, where they won’t prevent the dust-cover from opening completely.”


“Drudgery, calamity, exasperation, and want, are omniscient Instructors in eloquence and wisdom.”

RW Emerson