17 July 17


The last time “civil defense” was so much as mentioned, even in the Republican Party Platform, was in 1984!

Pushed by the likes of Carl Sagan, who was wedded to the dogma of unilateral nuclear disarmament on the part of the USA, a blatantly false narrative was pressed upon the American public by our liberal media.

They insisted that the only possible scenario was a “spasm war” between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, in which each side immediately threw everything in their nuclear arsenals at each other without reserve, thus instantly wiping-out all human life on Earth. “Nuclear winter,” they assured us, would follow, and kill all survivors. Then, a toxic girdle of radioactivity would completely engulf the world for millions of years, leaving the planet habitable only by cockroaches.

That scenario was, and still is, complete BS!

Lying leftists who pushed it all knew better, but preferred prevarication to the truth, as they always do!

Few, even those in government who are paid to worry about all this, have updated their thinking.

Ignorance is bliss, and there will be a firestorm of liberal protest when DJT even suggests that individual Americans so much as lift a finger to prepare for any kind of nuclear incident.

No one wants “bliss” disturbed!

What has happened is the “Nuclear Club” has many new, and unstable, members! China, North Korea, Pakistan, and India are all confirmed members of the “Club.” Israel is an unofficial, but certain, member. Saudi Arabia is a likely member, as is Japan. Iran, with our help, will be joining shortly (if they haven’t already).

The world is currently more volatile than at any time since the end of WWII. Expansion of “The Club” is one big reason!

Over the past half-century, major nuclear powers have moved to small yields, increased accuracy and targeting flexibility. One nuclear weapon even several, will not wipe out all human life, nor will their be any kind of lethal “radioactive blanket” covering the world!

“Nuclear winter” is a complete fantasy!

A “nuclear exchange” between the two or three members of “The Club” will not only fail to end life on our planet, it will fail even to substantially inconvenience much of it, particularly in the southern hemisphere, most of Asia, and most of Africa.

However, there will surely be mass casualties, and life as we know it will change radically, and permanently.

In what ways?

Impossible to predict!

Our focus in CONUS should be individual readiness, since as noted above, any kind of organized “civil defense” is dead and buried. We needn’t imagine “help” arriving any time soon, when “human nature” takes over!

“There are things that you cannot imagine, but there is nothing that may not happen!”

CIA Axiom