26 July 99

Vicki and I recently completed a Patrol Rifle Course in Yakima, WA. We just received this from one of our students:

“I attended your 4-hour Urban Rifle course in Yakima, WA on July 21, 1999. Although I’m a police department firearms instructor, my experience has been nearly exclusively with our service pistol. And although I’ve heard of ‘trigger reset’ before, your bit on ‘catching the link’ was worth participating in the three-day event — the light finally went on for me. I attended your class on Thursday, then shot the WSLEFIA three-gun qualification on Friday, concentrating specifically on catching the link after recoil.

Using the same rifle that I used last year, a basic, surplus M16 (with no scope), I got one of the top scores in the rifle category, which led to the highest combined score overall. I’m confident that catching the link made the difference! Thank you.”

Lesson: Continuous trigger contact is one of the most important aspects of defensive shooting that we teach. The concept is scarcely known, even among experienced shooters. As demonstrated in the foregoing narrative, it a vital skill.

We had eighty students in Yakima. Nearly all brought AR-15s, many made by Qlympic Arms, a local manufacturer. We had one DSA FN/FAL and several Mini-14s.