27 Aug 20 “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” William F Buckley Jr From a friend and student in Minneapolis, MN: “Yesterday afternoon, Minneapolis Commissar Frey and his ‘Gang of Aging Bolsheviks’ held a press conference to report on their progress to ‘reform’ police use of force. As with Sleepy Joe, we citizens quiver at the depth of Commissar Frey’s knowledge of armed self-defense, and eagerly awaited the results. He did not disappoint! The Commissar revealed heretofore unknown brilliance such as, ‘Officers will be expected to use the least level of force necessary.’ Apparently, police will never be allowed to use force superior to that displayed by the suspect. Wow, we’re entering a new era of ‘fair fights!’ ‘Chief’ Arradondo revealed further wisdom about officers drawing weapons. Said he, ‘It’s threatening and traumatic (for the suspect) and damages public trust.’ I’m not sure why his officers still have guns, since touching them apparently ‘damages public trust!’ Hours later, the wisdom of City Commissars was underscored when a murder suspect took his own life in front of MPD officers. The same omniscient social media that insists on selecting our next President quickly morphed this into a ‘police shooting,’ and mayhem, rioting, and looting (because looting is just ‘reparations’) promptly ensued. Fifty arrests (presumably not at gunpoint). At least three officers injured. You can’t make this up!” Comment: Democrats are currently caught between two mutually-antagonistic lies they’ve long promulgated: First they say: “You don’t need guns, because police are there to protect you” Then they say: “We defunding the police!” Afterward they say: “… but you still can’t have guns!” /John