27 Sept 22
“The one willing and able to employ force, makes the rules”
Since 2015, FL’s “Hurricane Gun Law” allows citizens without concealed-carry permits to carry guns concealed for an arbitrary two days during mandatory evacuations.
Looters are known to be omnipresent during weather evacuations, and have a well-earned reputation for violence!
With Hurricane Ian about to strike FL’s Gulf Coast, I suspect at least some FL residents don’t think they need the state’s permission to take reasonable steps to protect themselves!
When you bring your pacifist rhetoric, and the other guy brings a knife, it’s going to be a (very short) knife fight!
If liberals really possessed the compassion they piously claim to monopolize, they’d see the terrible cost of smugly ignoring this reality, and they would also see that the penalty falls heaviest on the poor who are trapped within their Democrat-manufactured dystopias.
The only time these unfortunates aren’t subject to suffocating “snoopervision” by progressives, is when they’re subject to victimization by criminal predators (who are promoted and protected by progressives)
Our land has been taken-over by Marxist liberals, and the rest of us are living “beyond the pale.” Under liberal control, our government is getting out of the law-enforcement business, and into the “agenda-by-force” business. We no longer have a “nation of laws.” We have a “nation of agendas.” Punishment is pitilessly meted-out to political opponents, not violent criminals.
In their enthusiasm for protecting terrorists and other violent criminals from concealed-carry permit holders, progressives always vehemently oppose laws designed for the welfare of the decent and law-abiding, like the one mentioned above.
Yet, the prepared go armed.
Some are prepared.
Most aren’t!