25 Mar 19

Venezuela, Part II

When I served on active duty in Vietnam in 1968, my Marine comrades and I worked creatively to get out-of-date C-Rats to starving local children, who were otherwise scavenging for food at various dumps.

We also got corpsman to come with us and provide emergency care for these same suffering children.

No media cameras showed-up, of course, but results of our efforts were dramatic and highly visible.

Isn’t it ironic that today, camouflage-clad US Marines and Soldiers, so piously and self-righteously disdained by AOC, Beto, Kamala, and Bernie (none of whom ever wore their country’s uniform, of course), did so much on our own, two generations ago in Vietnam, and later in the jungles of Central America, to actually save the lives of vulnerable children?

As military veterans, we take personal pride in knowing that smiling US Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airman are the best friends these kids ever had!

By contrast, effete, aloof, slogan-shouting socialists watch and do nothing, as starving, disease-ridden, desperate children in Venezuela are now similarly rummaging through garbage-dumps in search of anything to eat.

We all know and understand that if US Troops were there, these children would not be starving, nor dying from treatable diseases!

You can bet on that!