7 Nov 20 Austria this time: Last Monday, an AA-shouting Islamic terrorist, using a Kalashnikov Rifle and a pistol (brand not identified), randomly gunned-down at least two dozen innocent pedestrians near Vienna’s Central Synagogue in the city’s center. At least four died at the scene. Toll will likely go higher. The murderer was shot to death by local police, stopping his rampage. The 20-year-old murderer was arrested last year when he tried to join ISIL, but was released early, because he was arbitrarily deemed by some bureaucrat to “not represent a threat!” Several of the murderer’s Islamic “enablers” have been arrested in the aftermath. Comment: Western Europe continues to unravel as hard-pressed police, military forces, and security services can barely keep-up with the pace of attacks conducted by fanatical Islamic jihadis. Weary police (here and there) do the best they can, but of this you can be sure: Disarmed citizens are cannon fodder for terrorists! As we see! “When you can’t kill, then you are always subject to those who can, and nothing and no one will ever save you.” Orson Scott Card /John