24 May 17

Another success story, due to a constant state of personal alertness:

“We arrived at the Tesla Charger just before 9:00pm. It was in a downtown, underground parking garage. While the car charged, we walked to a local café for a burger. They closed at 9:00pm, so we just made it.

We noticed a group of noisy vagrants in the park actress the street. No police presence.

When we returned to our vehicle, a vagrant appeared and started pounding on a glass barrier to our left, while screaming incoherently. This person was obviously agitated, aggressive, and violent.

Suddenly, this person starts walking toward us!

The person was wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt, with the hood up. It looked like an elderly woman, but difficult to tell, because the sweatshirt hood covered her hair.

I stood next to my car, interview stance, and spoke loudly:

‘Stop now! Do not come any closer’

She stopped, almost falling over forward.

I then ordered:

‘Turn around and go away.’

I could now see if was a female, cigarette in her right hand and bag in her left.

She slowly turned around and walked off. Never said another word.

We got in our car and departed without further delay. Never saw her again. Police were never called, nor involved.

My training paid off!

I was ready and calm, and I knew what to do and say. I was able to speak clearly, because I had practiced my ‘tape-loops’ so many times! My pistol was never brandished, and no shots were fired.”

Comment: This is yet another example of a “happy ending.” But for good training and quick thinking, it could have easily deteriorated into a toxic physical confrontation, even a lethal-force event.

This incident will never reflect on any statistic, but this kind of assertive disengagement happens, and is successful, many times every day. We all need to be ready and prepared, for the moment when it is our turn!

Exit and enter vehicles quickly, attentively, while minimizing distraction. Don’t dawdle at this stage. You can find what you’re looking for after you’re inside locked doors!

When you enter your car, lock all doors immediately and then get the vehicle in motion without delay. Don’t sit in a motionless vehicle any longer than you have to. Day or night makes no difference!

When a threat catches your attention, remember he/she is probably not alone. Those walking toward you aggressively likely have a collaborator(s) walking towards you from another direction.

Rats travel in packs!”

“It was clear that a Great American Fleet had been concentrated in Pearl Harbor, and we supposed (incorrectly) that the state of alert would be very high.”

Hideki Tojo