31 Jan 2020

Air Travel with Guns

There may be some who fly domestic commercial airlines, with guns, more than me, but there aren’t many!

I’ve written many Quips on this subject, doing my best to provide competent guidance to those with less experience.

As most of us know, TSA and most commercial airlines permit guns to be transported on domestic flights in checked baggage, so long as they are “declared” to the airline, unloaded and secured within locked, hard cases.

Most handguns now come to the consumer in lockable, hard cases, which can sometimes to used for this purpose. However, the system used to lock these cases often does not meet TSA standards. And, many of these cases are needlessly bulky and heavy.

It is my recommendation that when you travel with handguns, the guns themselves be within a suitable and locked hard case, and that the hard case then go inside unostentatious, “normal-looking” luggage.

I’ve traveled this way on hundreds of flights and encountered few problems.

Now a new company, called Travel Armor, is making hard cases specifically designed for air travel, and I highly recommend them!

You can see than on their Web Page at travelarmorcase.com

I’ve been flying just about all of last year with Travel Armor cases.

They’re light, so they don’t add much weight.

They’re strong, and the locking system is the one TSA likes most!

Their current line-up includes single and double-pistol cases, and magazine cases.

An M4 case will soon be added!

Travel Armor enjoys my recommendation. I’ve tested them extensively, and use them regularly.