20 Jan 20


“Chicken meat is cheap”

Alfonso XIII of Spain, when informed that his troops were being massacred at the Battle of Annual (22 July 1921, in Spanish Morocco). The King then casually resumed his golf game.

This from a friend on active duty:

“With the loss of VA to the socialist/leftists, I fully expect risk-aversion (fear of troops keeping and bearing
privately-owned weapons) to increase exponentially amongst the brass, as most Pentagon/MDW personnel of rank live in Northern Virginia.

All troops, including officers and NCOs, will be compelled to get rid of all personally-owned guns. When they want to continue training on their own time, they will do so on pain of being prosecuted as felons. They will have no lawful means of independent training with facsimiles of service arms.

Troops most affected by these tyrannical decrees will be those who are stationed relatively close to the Capitol Region

Troopers with a single magazine brought back from deployment overseas, will go to prison!

An identical fate awaits any trooper who keeps any gun that socialists politicians want when it is protecting them, but prohibit when it protects anyone else!


“Lethality” is little more than a feel-good buzzword that Army brass and sergeants major use to justify new gadgets, instead of applying their efforts and finite resources to the hard work, danger, and personal risk that invariably attach to genuine martial training, mental toughness, discipline, and personal mastery of rifles, pistols, and machineguns, the real stuff of war!

Disarmed soldiers, who are falsely told they are “safe,” will continue to be wantonly massacred, and politicians and others up the food-chain will continue to make tear-jerking speeches, so long as golf games are not interrupted!

The past is prologue to predictable tragedies that will re-occur, again and again, as “leaders” continually weight career risk over real threats to lives and safety of magnificent soldiers they are charged with.