15 Aug 23
“‘Negotiating’ only works between moral people”

When disaster strikes, gun-free Hawaii, where state government has smugly declared that Hawaiians are too stupid to own guns, is apparently not the utopia leftists promised!

Looters and armed robbers are running amok in the wake of epic wildfires.
Local residents report being looted and robbed at gunpoint, during daylight hours, when police are largely unavailable, and all public order has broken-down.
Panicked (and unarmed) Maui residents, with non-functioning phone in hand, vainly try to summon police, as robbers and armed thieves help themselves to their belongings an critical supplies.
Some relief workers have even been instantly robbed upon their arrival!
With the lack of any kind of coordinated government response, decent Maui residents are trying help each other, but they are no match for armed thugs.
I’m sure beleaguered HI residents are relieved to know that Democrat politicians are all safe and sound!
Once again, we learn the vital importance, indeed the very purpose, of our much-maligned, much-ignored, much-infringed Second Amendment!
If Maui residents, with non-functioning phone in one hand, had an positively-functioning M4 in the other, they would not be panicked and could survive in place until public order is restored. But, in HI only politicians and government employees are allowed to have M4s, and currently they’re nowhere to be seen!
Lies, told by woke “crime experts,” that personal safety is virtually assured when we:
1) Stay in “nice” places.
2) Walk with friends.
3) Leave dangerous/crazy people alone. They’ll ignore you, even when you have something they want.
4) Never resist violent criminals (you might hurt one of them, and that would be terrible)!
5) Agree that you’re too stupid to own guns
6) Assume that police are always just a phone-call away
… are believed only by the willfully naive!
Victims of Maui fires (and virtually every other widespread disaster) find the foregoing advice laughable.
I do too!
Disaster is never more than a breath away, as we see.
Ready or not!
“Anarchism is democracy, taken seriously.”
Edward Abbey