3 July 18

“When you’re thinking about going to a place where you might need a gun, or a gas-mask, don’t go there!”


Independence Day, 2018

To their credit, our FBI in Cleveland, OH has just taken down a home-grown, fanatic, Islamic jihadi (a “recent convert”). He is also a seasoned jail-bird and six-time loser.

Aren’t they all?

The suspect was in the process of putting-together a bomb, intended for tomorrow’s Independence Day celebrations in Cleveland.

He probably had help, and follow-up arrests are likely.

Other Islamic jihadis, in other parts of the Country, are probably involved in similar plans.

These two-legged monsters, masquerading as adherents to the “Religion of Peace,” are here in force, as well as throughout the UK and Western Europe.

Our politicians virtually invited them!

Accordingly, for Operators, perpetual alertness and readiness must be at the top of our personal agendas.

Stay away from large gatherings, particularly those with religious or patriotic themes. Never rely upon “security guards” for personal protection!

Wherever you go, go armed, discretely and unobserved!

Stay sober and keep your head up!

At the first sign of peril, get out of there!

These are dangerous times, for all of us. Adjust your perspective accordingly.

Don’t blindly blunder into dangerous situations.

“Your eye won’t see what your mind doesn’t know.”

Medical Axiom