22 Mar 13

From a friend in NY:

“Here in NY, we must now face the fact that our carry-pistols will be limited to eight rounds, one in the chamber and seven in the magazine, regardless of the magazine’s actual capacity.

Until we can get this nonsense reversed, what do you suggest with regard to engagement technique?”

My reply:

“When I first became a police officer in WI in 1970, I carried a six-shot revolver. This was well before speed-loaders and speed-strips. My first autoloader was a 1911, an eight-shooter, nearly identical to the one I carried only two years earlier as a Marine Infantry second-lieutenant in Vietnam. These days, I’m carrying a Gen4 G23. But, even back then, I never considered myself inadequately armed. A competent tactician/marksman never will!

I seems, at least in NY, we’re going to have to go technologically backward and revisit the way we used to do things.

What makes sense in NY now is carrying a 1911, and that is one valid suggestion. A six-shot or seven-shot revolver, backed-up with speed-loaders is another. A Kahr PM9, PM40, PM45, XD/S, as well as a Kimber Solo, M&P Shield, SIG 938, Beretta Nano, and a host of other single-column pistols will also do nicely.

Sticking with your current double-column Glock, SIG, XD, M&P, Beretta, et al will work too, so long as you limit the number of rounds in the magazine to seven, regardless of its actual capacity, and no one is exactly sure how long even that strategy will remain legal!

So, whatever you decide to do, you’re not going to be able to fire two, consecutive four-round bursts without reloading.

For six-shot revolver carriers, I recommend ‘three and two.’ Fire three, and move. Then, when necessary, fire two more, and move again. That will leave you with one round in reserve before having to reload. With a seven-shot revolver, you’ll end up with two rounds in reserve.

With eight-shot autoloaders, you’re going to have to go with ‘three and three.’ Again, that leaves you with two rounds in reserve prior to reloading.

The foregoing represents an acceptable, general formula, but even that will have to be modified what you are confronted with multiple threats. We always have to have a plan, but still be sufficiently flexible to take best advantage of rapidly-evolving circumstances with which we’re presented.

As fast as liberal Democrat dictator wanna-bes make arbitrary ‘rules,’ we have to find ways around them.

To them, we’re completely disposable. We’re the ones who have to take personal charge of our lives and come up with viable security solutions.

Once again, we’re on our own!”

“You do not examine legislation in light of the benefits it will convey when properly administered, but in light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause when improperly administered.”

Lyndon B Johnson

LBJ needs to lecture his Constitutional criminal successors!