6 Apr 18

32 Caliber?

Retailers tell me that a hot-seller among small, serious pistols these days, actively competing with the S&W Shield, G43/42, Kahr PM9, Walther PPS/M2, and the Ruger LC9S/Pro, as well as 38Spl snubby revolvers, from both Ruger and S&W,

is the Ruger LCR (snubby revolver) in 327 Mg.

Among 32 caliber revolver cartridges, there are the:

32S&W (usually a 100gr all-lead bullet at less than 1k f/s, suitable for practice only)

32 H&R Magnum (usually a 85gr high-performance bullet at 1200 f/s, from a snubby revolver)

327 Magnum (85gr high-performance bullet at 1400 f/s, from a snubby revolver)

All three will chamber and shoot through the Ruger LCR.

Many are attracted to the LCR in 32 caliber, because cost of ammunition (particularly 32S&W) is relatively low, and even with high-performance ammunition, recoil is a good deal less than with a 38Spl revolver, not to mention 357Mg!

Although in all fairness, Super-Vel’s excellent 90gr 38Spl +p round leaves my snubby revolver at 1200 f/s.
Muzzle blast is surely noticeable, but recoil is relatively mild. As bullet weights go us, so does recoil!

The question is, is the Ruger LCR in 32 caliber really a “serious” pistol?

I’m not sure I know, but many people who carry them think they are!

The small-statured, particularly women, envision themselves physically grabbed and held fast by a bigger and stronger person. Under that circumstance, a revolver that can be quickly accessed and then fired multiple times, from under clothing or from within a pocket, represents an attractive option!

Will those multiple 32H&R Mg, or 327Mg, bullet impacts, at contact range, persuade the attacker to let go and then go find something else to do?

I have no knowledge of any actual instances, so the jury is probably still out. But, I shot a LCR with 327Mg ammunition (six-shooter), for the first time in my life, this morning.

I like it! Easy to shoot. Manageable recoil. Smooth trigger.

This may represent an viable option (for some) that I’ve thus-far overlooked!