22 Jan 2020

2020 SHOT Show, Second Day:

Of note:

This morning, Vicki and I both participated in an ILEETA Deadly Force Discussion Panel.

ILEETA was asked to export this forum to the SHOT Show this year, and it was attended by a large group of police officer/trainers. I think we enlightened a few!

Then, back to the vendor area(s)!

A company called Real Avid makes wonderful AR tool kits, combined into a single, well-thought-out tool, as well as numerous individual AR armorer’s tools.

This is something I can really use on the range!

Shadow Systems is a new American gun company, and they are manufacturing (in TX) a serious carry pistol, called the MR920. Externally, it looks like a G19, enough so that fits just fine into nearly any G19 holster.

It can be described as an “ergonomically enhanced” G19!

At $800.00, it is in the current retail zone for this kind of weapon.

It is slick, smooth, and nothing on it, inside nor outside, rusts!

I really like the company’s owner’s enthusiasm and dedication to the needs of Operators!

I’ll might be carrying a copy at some point!

Now, to the subject of off-body carry!

The premier manufacturer of concealed-carry handbags and purses is GTM (Gun Toten’ Mamas), and this is the product I usually recommend to my students who have this need. Owners and staff have all been our students, and are all aspiring Operators!

Vicki has run several Off-Body Concealed Carry Instructor Courses, with the support of GTM.

Several more are scheduled this year.

Who decide on this option need to receive competent training, just like all others who own and carry guns for serious purposes.

Some still consider off-body concealed carry to be inherently illegitimate, but for many (and not just women), off-body carry represents not only a viable option, but the only option!

Vicki and I are honored to be able to conduct these courses, and owners of GTM deserve a lot of credit for taking the responsibility to provide this kind of service to their customers. They’re the only manufacturers who do!

Too many knife-makers to mention, but my friend and premier manufacturer, Brian Hoffner, has produced a wonderful instructional video about carrying knives. I’ve made all my grandchildren sit down and watch it before issuing them a serious blade.


On to ammunition:

For serious ammunition, I like Cor-Bon, Supervel, Underwood, Gorilla, Black Hills, Lehigh.

There is nothing wrong, of course, with Federal, Hornady, Winchester, but the smaller companies listed above are on the leading edge of serious ammunition evolution, and they all enjoy my support and admiration.

Manufacturers tell me 9mm traditional cup-and-core 115gr is still a top-seller, but the all-copper HP (DPX, SCHP) has now pulled-up nearly even, despite its premium price!

Most manufacturers agree that, if the price of these two rounds were close to the same, cup-and-core bullets would disappear altogether! However, all-copper HPs are still significantly more expensive than are traditional bullets.

9mm is king, of course, but I’m told 38 Super is suddenly in demand, as is 32ACP!

10mm experienced a brief surge in popularity, but has now fallen back off.

357Sig, while not nearly as popular as 9mm, is now more in demand than 40S&W!

Non-expanding FTM bullets, mostly produced by Lehigh, are also loaded by Underwood and Black Hills.

There have now been several dozen actual shootings with this round, and performance has been pretty-much what gelatin testing predicted. Terminal performance is at least parallel with the best high-performance HP.

Several manufacturers (but not all) are thoroughly persuaded of the inherent superiority of FTM bullets over any species of HP.

More tomorrow!