14 Nov 17

2018 Training Schedule:

Our 2018 DTI Course Schedule is now posted on the DTI Web Page at:


More Programs will be added of course, but there are many exceptional ones currently posted, in various venues, around the Country.

You may register directly for any of them from our Web Page, via credit card

While there, you may also subscribe to our excellent, and widely acclaimed, “Operator Series” videos

The terrible shooting incident in “gun-free” CA today, where there are no armed and trained citizens, just hapless “victims,” illustrates, yet again, how vital our gun-skills are, and how important it is that we keep them current, and ourselves in a high state of readiness!

It is our honor and privilege to advance our Art, and teach it to the worthy, aware, and audacious who know and understand that victory is the only reality in the universe!

“A river meanders, because it cannot think!”