Monthly Archives: December 2003

(December 2003 Quips)

2 Dec 03 This is a portion of note sent by an active-duty friend to his junior officers. They will be deploying shortly: “For those ‘who don’t know what they don’t know,’ I offer the following explanation: 55gr FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) is the old M193 ball ammunition that we used to issue before the […]

(November 2003 Quips)

1 Nov 03 From a friend in the LA area: “Just saw on local TV newscast footage from LA of man shooting at an attorney with a handgun (looks like a five-shot snubby revolver) at pointblank range. The victim, wearing suit and tie, was struck at least once, but the hit(s) appear to be peripheral […]

(October 2003 Quips)

1 Oct 03 The 6th Commandment Many friends and students have been troubled by the admonition in the Sixth Commandment, ie: “Thou shall not kill.” It is time this confusion be put to rest. Research through Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and several different translations of The Old Testament is helpful. The clause in question is found […]

(September 2003 Quips)

1 Sept 03 A “stealth failure” from a friend in UT: “A customer stopped at a Seven-Eleven after leaving my shop and a subsequent desert shooting exercise with his prized DSA FAL, which he placed in his Chevy Blazer between the seats, sticking straight up in plain view. Someone at the Seven-Eleven saw it and […]

(August 2003 Quips)

3 Aug 03 From an LEO friend in the Midwest: “We had a fatal shooting here on 22 July. The (dead) suspect was probably trying to commit suicide. In any event, he was a construction worker who was hanging around one of our local banks late in the afternoon. Using a pistol, he kidnaped a […]

(July 2003 Quips)

2 July 03 City Stick! I’ve been interested in walking canes, as a cane is something one can openly have with him in just about any circumstance, without garnering the attention of others. A number of my friends and colleagues routinely fly with canes now and carry them as they travel. To that end, I […]

(June 2003 Quips)

4 June 03 At a LEO Program in Michigan earlier this week, we had a small-statured student who was using a department G22. He had before never shot so many rounds in such a short time. After several hundred rounds of normal cycling, his pistol started to suffer from failure to eject. The problem grew […]

(May 2003 Quips)

1 May 03 From a friend in AZ: “Today’s front-page lead, Gone Without a Trace. Eight hundred registered sex offenders in Arizona have ‘disappeared.’ That is, they failed to check in as they’re supposed to, so nobody knows where they are or what they’re doing. When questioned about this ‘problem,’ Val Biebrich, supervisor of the […]

(April 2003 Quips)

1 Apr 03 From the NRA: Holders of NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor’s certificates now have a continuing education requirement. All certificate holders will now have to take instruction every year in order to renew. We are honored to learn that DTI Courses qualify for such renewal instruction. /John   1 Apr 03 A friend […]

(March 2003 Quips)

3 Mar 03 1911s We just completed a defensive pistol class in Oklahoma City, OK. OKC is “cocked-and-locked country,” as is much of Oklahoma and Texas. Most students had Kimbers, and all worked well. Two had Glocks. What didn’t work well was the eight-round magazines used by many of the 1911 shooters. There were several […]

(February 2003 Quips)

1 Feb 03 I’ll be flying to Capetown, South Africa on Monday, 3 Feb 03. I’ll be returning on 23 Feb 03. While there, I’ll be teaching and hunting, but I’ll be unreachable by phone, cell phone, or e-mail. Full report when I return. I’ll catch up with all messages then. Vicki is looking after […]

(January 2003 Quips)

6 Jan 03 The Age of Kings winds down: The War of Spanish Succession, 1701-1713 Louis XIV claims the longest reign of any sovereign in Western Europe, before or since. He was King of France for sixty-two years, from 1653 to1715. Like most kings of the time, Louis was conceited and vane, but he was […]