26 Jan 2020

“When you know who controls, you clearly see whom you may not criticize.”


When speaking of the 6 Dec 19 terrorist attack that occurred at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL, our current Secretary of Defense said that he will increase “roving patrols” on the base, in an effort to “provide military families a much higher degree of confidence” in their own safety.

Higher than what?

Wasn’t everyone supposed to have a “high degree of confidence” on the day of the fatal shooting?

Who did, belatedly discovered their “confidence” was misplaced.

It still is!

His dubious “higher degree of confidence” doesn’t inspire any!

Had “roving patrols” been doubled on that day, it would likely not have altered the outcome in the slightest!

And yet, a simple alteration in rules would have actually blunted the attack, like permitting/requiring concealed carry on the part of officers and S/NCOs, that is:

Actually trusting them with guns!

Such a notion is beyond consideration!

No discussion of such a thing is even permitted!

Why, when our gallant soldiers keep and bear arms, next they’ll get the crazy idea that they’re personally responsible for their own safety!

They might even righteously exercise some personal initiative!


So, nothing changes.

Careers are protected. Everyone goes back to sleep.

Our soldiers remain vulnerable, defenseless, unprepared, profoundly unsafe, and the next successful, lethal base attack is thus assured!

“We let ourselves get so used to ‘being fine,’ that we lose track of just how ‘not fine’ we are.”

Martina Boone